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The National Science Olympiad is one of the most familiar competitive examinations conducted for the growth of science and its branches. It lays a rock-solid foundation for the intellectual increment of the students. It is fundamental for students to learn something outside their school curriculum to be extraordinary and stand out from the crowd.  The National Science Olympiad facilitates the students to obtain profound knowledge and encourages them to achieve more. It captivates the students to undertake many scientific experiments and transcend them into rational people. Best 7 things to benefit from NSO previous year papers


With all the benefits that come along with this examination, it is said to be hard to crack without prior preparation. So students should meticulously plan and participate in this competition with a piece of thorough knowledge of it.  

The NSO previous years’ papers provide you with that assertion that is needed for you to secure the top grades. Therefore, you have to search for the National Science Olympiad’s previous papers from our official website School Connect Olympiad.  Best 7 things to benefit from NSO previous year papers

Best 7 things to learn from NSO previous year papers  

The National Science Olympiad’s previous years’ papers are an all-in-one guide for your expedition in the scientific realm. It presents you with the opportunity to learn the pulse of the competition. It gives you the chance to start on the right foot. We can now look at the 7 benefits of learning NSO previous year papers.


Designing a process is a hard task as you have to be precise and acquainted with the exact wisdom of the mission that you have to achieve. By learning the previous year’s papers students who are preparing for this examination can strategically devise a plan to induce it into great success.  A question paper provides a pattern according to which students can draw out an advanced idea to uplift their skills. It is easy for the students to get comprehend knowledge from a question paper and make use of it for their profit to accomplish their goals. You can bounce some ideas and formulate a rigid plan to crack the examination with the top grades. Best 7 things to benefit from NSO previous year papers


The previous year’s paper affords the students the right platform to practice. Practicing is the core of perfection. When theoretical knowledge is put to test it may conflict with one another. That’s where constant practice helps you to be better. You can outdo yourself with determined motivation to try out the previous years’ papers and learn from the mistakes that you committed. It serves you the chance to improve your productivity. You can combine your knowledge and skill with a fair amount of proper training. It is in your hands to make use of the source and get the maximum out of it.


You can get a clear understanding of the concepts with the assistance of previous years’ papers. You need to have certainty in your basics to render predominance. It is a great concern for the students to have an overall notion of scientific theories. You can find a technique to remember all the important notes and apply them while proceeding with the previous years’ papers. It will give you a glimpse of your potential to carry out your intended operation.


The important part of this competition is to figure out the answers within the given time. It is laborious work to discover the correct option in the demanding timeline. So, it is significant to complete the examination in the right frame of time. You have to allocate an average time for each question to get through this process effectively. Being enlightened about the type and the pattern of the questions with the previous years’ papers might determine your success in the science domain. Observe its essence and plan out the time consequently.


Students can evaluate their strengths and weakness by answering the previous years’ papers. It permits them to weigh their capacity to overcome the difficulty of the questions. If you come to know about your weakness you can focus more on it to do better in it. It is necessary to assess your shortcomings to rectify them. You have to detect your strongest forte to boost your confidence. Tracking down your pros and cons will help you to evolve and organize your time respectively.


The previous years’ question papers deliver the students a possibility to assess their analytical skills. There will be tricky questions and they need to decipher them. They can give it a shot and obtain some experience earlier by the advantage of the previous years’ papers. They must answer the questions accurately so that they can score good marks and get a better ranking in the exams. Analytical skill is in need to encounter complicated questions. You can develop this skill with constant exposure to solving the previous years’ papers. The explanation for the answers will support you to enhance critical thinking.


The complexity of the questions has the advocacy of making the students nervous during the examination. Getting to be aware of the question paper beforehand will help you to avoid anxiety. Familiarity with the question transcends the expertise status of the students and imparts innovative learning ways. It offers them some grace points to tackle the crafty questions. Anxiety can affect students in several ways. It is an obstacle for young minds to conquer. The previous year’s show them the way to do it.   The above-given things are the best 7 things to benefit from the previous years’ papers. Participation in competitive exams will contribute to their future endeavours.

So, the teachers or parents can guide them to take up all the available resources they are in requirement. There are many articles that will help the students to learn more about the examination in our blog. You can subscribe our educational platform School Connect Online to gain enormous materials to win over this examination.Best 7 things to benefit from NSO previous year papers      

Where Can I Find Previous Year Question Papers of NSO?

Ans: You may locate all of the NSO prior year question papers on School Connect Olympiad if you’re wishing to download them. You can download the previous year’s NSO exam questions as needed from the School Connect Olympiad website. The exam questions are organised by grade. Additionally, the exam papers are cost-free. So get a head start on your preparation by downloading the NSO previous year papers.

How Can I Download the NSO Previous Year Question Papers?

Ans: You can download the previous year question papers from the links provided on this page.

How can I crack NSO?  

Organize Your Time Well

  1. Important information should be color-coded for future reference.
  2. Separate the material into major themes that are connected or have a conclusion.
  3. Make quick notes so you can revise them afterwards.
  4. Recall crucial theorems.
  5. Discover and play to your strengths.
  6. Keep your cool and your patience.

How do you qualify for NSO? NSO Exam Eligibility for Level 1  

Students in grades 1 through 12 are eligible to take the level 1 Olympiad test. There are no requirements for the minimum grades that students must get in their academic work. The NSO test is available to students in grades 1 through 12.

What is good score in NSO?

2nd level exams for SCO IEO, SCO NSO & SCO IMO will be conducted on the month of February,2024

SCO N.S.O (2022-23) – 1st LEVEL CUT-OFF TOP-10%
CLASSTOTAL MARKSAchievers Section [M3]
Best 7 things to benefit from NSO previous year papers

How much marks are required to qualify NSO?

Each participating institution has at least 10 rank-holders who took tests and received a 50% or above. The students who register section by section and receive the highest scores across all topics will be qualified to take the NSO Level 2 exam.

Who gets gold medal in NSO?

All pupils who get perfect scores will be awarded Gold Medals of Excellence. The highest student in classes of five to nine pupils will be awarded a Gold Medal of Excellence.

How to crack NSO Level 2?

School Connect Olympiad provides NSO level 2 question papers based on patterns from previous years. Test yourself in real-world scenarios: Science requires a lot of practise. By tackling tasks based on past year trends, you can develop the problem-solving skills required at the NSO final level.

What is the pattern of NSO?

For courses 1 to 4, there are a total of 35 questions, and the exam lasts one hour. For courses 5 to 12, there are 50 total questions, but the test time allotment is the same—an hour. English is used to give the NSO exam. NSO only happens during school hours.

What happens after NSO Level 2?

The Students – Detailed Performance Report (DPR), which provides a piece of thorough information on the student’s performance during the NSO test level 2, as well as the rewards and participation certificate, will be given to the students once they successfully complete the level 2 NSO exam.  

How many levels are there in NSO? Levels of NSO

There are two levels to the test. A student who successfully completes level 1 is eligible to move on to level 2.

What are the benefits of NSO?  

Benefits from NSO

Students have the opportunity to get performance-based rankings after being evaluated at the national and worldwide levels. The top three competitors from each class in the final round get unique Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals.  

How many students qualified for NSO Level 2? NSO Eligibility Criteria 2023

Top 5% of students in each class who show up for the first-level test, as well as the top 25 zone- and class-rank holders. Top students from each participating school in each class where at least 10 students take the exam and receive the minimum score of 50%.    

What is the difference between NSO Level 1 and 2?

The level 2 Olympiad is held for only IMO, IEO and NSO exams for students of classes 3 to 12. Only level 1 qualifiers can compete in the SOF level 2 IMO, NSO and IEO Olympiad exams. Level 2 Olympiads follow the same syllabus as level 1 Olympiads, but the level of difficulty rises.    

Is NSO negative marking?

The examination paper consists of total 50 questions. This is to be attempted within 60 minutes Each question carries one mark. There is no negative marking for incorrect answers.    

Is NSO objective or subjective? NSO Level 1:

The test is conducted during school hours at the participant’s respective school. The exam is an objective-type test, with 35 multiple-choice questions for classes 1 to 4 and 50 multiple-choice questions for classes 5 to 12.    

Free PDF of NSO Sample Question for Class 1 to 12

NSO Science Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper for Class 1 to 12

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NSO Science Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper for Class 9NSO Free Sample PDF Papers for Class 9
NSO Science Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper for Class 10NSO Free Sample PDF Papers for Class 10
NSO Science Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper for Class 11NSO Free Sample PDF Papers for Class 11
NSO Science Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper for Class 12NSO Free Sample PDF Papers for Class 12
Best 7 things to benefit from NSO previous year papers
NSO - National Science Olympiad

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