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The International Mathematical Olympiad Class 5 aids in determining each student’s aptitude. This exam is based on the typical school board plan and includes questions that are connected to the subjects covered in class. The greatest way to develop the habit of using unusual techniques is through this exam. 5th-grade students can assess their knowledge and increase it. Students can apply their analytical skills to all other organized competitive tests by using them to answer these questions. IMO Class 5 Chapter 1 Number System

For children in grades one to twelve, School Connect organizes the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). Finding and helping pupils who have a good possibility of becoming future scientists or technologists is the aim. There are two levels in the IMO test: level 1 and level 2.

Students can have a clear concept of what they need to study for Olympiad competition exams from the IMO Syllabus Class 5 for Math Olympiad. Students are given study materials that are made up of questions that have been developed in accordance with the most recent ICSE, CBSE, and State Board curricula. Because they are familiar with the arithmetic ideas, students who rigorously practice the topics on the syllabus are more likely to succeed in the exam. There are four sections in the IMO Syllabus: Mathematical reasoning, logical reasoning, Everyday Mathematics, and Achievers. This article is all about IMO Class 5 Chapter 1: Number System.

IMO Free Sample PDF Papers for Class 5 IMO Level 1

Math in grade 5 focuses on seven-digit numbers.

Learn about expanded forms, comparing two numbers, ascending order, descending order, the Indian Number System, and the International Number System here. You will also learn about the place value of 7-Digit numbers.

Place Value of 7-digit numbers

NumberTen LakhLakhTen ThousandsThousandsHundredsTensOnes

Additional Seven-Digit Number Formats

Write 5654213 in expanded form, for instance.

The expanded form of 5654213 is: 5000000 + 600000 + 50000 + 4000 + 200 + 10 + 3

Contrasting Two Numbers

Following are the guidelines for comparing two six-digit numbers:

Rule 1: A number with more digits is larger than one with fewer digits.

Rule 2: When two numbers have the same digits, we compare their left-most digits.

Numbers with more digits should be regarded as larger numbers. We compare the following digits to the right if the two numbers’ leftmost digits match. This process continues until we can determine which number is greater by adding a larger digit.

Which number, for instance, is larger? 665785 and 676865

Answer: 676865 exceeds 665785 because ‘7’ in the thousandth place for 676865 is higher than ‘6’ in the thousandth place for 665785.

Ascending Order

Writing a given group of numbers in ascending order means doing so. Let’s look at an illustration.

Example: Arrange the below-given numbers in ascending order.

506780, 500789, 506098, 567893

Solution:500789, 506098, 506780, 567893

Decreasing Order

A given set of numbers is written in descending order when this term is used. Let’s look at an illustration.

Example: Arrange the below-given numbers in descending order.

156798, 156780, 155634, 165020

Solution:165020, 156798, 156780, 155634

Benefits of IMO class 5

  • Students gain knowledge of the leading exam questions.
  • The Sample Paper provides a preview of the leading exam sections.
  • It provides a general idea of the questions that are asked in each section.
  • Students learn what to anticipate from the question bank and its difficulty level.
  • Students can download these class 5 Math Olympiad sample papers in PDF format and use them to practice for the International Mathematical Olympiad.

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