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Students from all over the world who have passed an international English language test can compete in the International English Olympiad (IEO). This test is open to students in grades 1 to 12. The IEO Exam only evaluates at one level.

The School Connects Online has established the curriculum for the International English Olympiad for grades 1 to 12. The Word & Structure Knowledge, Reading, Spoken & Written Expression, and Achievers topics are included in the IEO Syllabus 2022–23. For grades 1 through 4, there are 35 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on the SOF IEO Level 1 paper, and there are 50 MCQs for a total of 60 points on the paper for grades 5 through 12. Here are The complete notes for IEO Class 3 Chapter 9: My School.

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English practice There are numerous advantages to writing an essay. It helps to improve writing skills, vocabulary, and sentence structure. Excellent writing abilities are always valued. That is why it is critical to instill the habit of writing in children. One method is to write an essay in Class 3.

IEO Class 3 Chapter 9: My School Essay

My school is regarded as one of the best in the country. It features a large campus with two large playgrounds, one in front and one behind the school building. I and my pals play dodge-ball at one of the playgrounds on a daily basis. In the playground, we also play cricket, football, and hide-and-seek. My school has a number of little gardens. In these gardens, I can see roses, sunflowers, hibiscus, mogra, marigolds, and other flowers. These flowers enhance the beauty of my school.

My school’s classrooms are spacious and well-kept. There are large and broad windows for optimal ventilation. In each classroom, we have green boards, chalk, dusters, and projectors. Aside from classrooms, we include practical labs, an art and craft room, a music room, and staff rooms. We also have a library where we can borrow and read books on a range of topics. My school’s auditorium hosts all competitions and cultural events. The auditorium is incredibly large, with hundreds of seats for the audience.

My school’s best feature is its abundance of innovative and passionate teachers. They adore each and every one of us. They teach us properly and assist us whenever we have questions. They teach us subjects such as math, English, Hindi, and EVS. They always keep the school atmosphere upbeat and enjoyable. My school is very special to me.


My School Essay for Class 3 aims to inspire students in Standard 3 to think about and write about their schools. In the My School essay in English for Class 3, students can highlight the aspects they like about their school, such as the infrastructure, labs, and rooms. In the essay My School Class 3, children can also discuss their teachers and classmates. In My School Paragraph for Class 3, they can also mention their library, auditorium, and playgrounds.

Essay writing is always enjoyable. When children write essays on a particular topic, they reflect on it. They then construct phrases to express their thoughts on the subject. It fosters creative thinking in children.

Tips to Ace IEO 2022-2023

  • Students should start studying earlier if they are preparing for Olympiad exams so they have ample time to revise.
  • It is advised that students evaluate the course material and test format before starting their preparation for the Olympiad exam. The authorities hold the Olympiad test on six different subjects. Students must therefore study the curriculum for the relevant subject.
  • The section must be anticipated by the students, and they must develop a study plan for it. Set a schedule and divide each subject equally. The number of days students will have to finish their course must be carefully planned.
  • There may be moments when students struggle to understand a particular section or subject. Do not be afraid to ask a teacher, mentor, or tutor for help if you find yourself in this situation.
  • Time management is essential for studying for the Olympiad exam. Students are urged to maximize each and every moment.

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