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In order for kids to succeed academically, English is crucial. The International English Olympiad (IEO) exam is designed to sharpen students’ English spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. Language acquisition is an ongoing process. There is always room for development in these areas. Students who have completed an international English language test from all over the world can compete in the International English Olympiad. This program will test students on a local, national, and global scale all year long. Participants will be expected to create displays or interesting artifacts related to linguistics subjects, such as grammar and pronunciation, for this event. This article contains detailed information about IEO Class 3 Chapter 8: Myself.

IEO 2022-23

IEO Class 3 Chapter 8: Myself  Detailed Notes

Can we write a few paragraphs about ourselves? Doesn’t it sound simple? Writing about others is actually easier than writing about oneself. Let us practice writing about ourselves. Today, we’ll go over one of the most crucial writings for kids: the About Myself Essay for Class 3.


My name is Khushi Mishra and I am 9 years old.

I study in the AB International School, Bangalore.

I study in Class 3 and I am the monitor of my Class.

My favourite subjects are English and Mathematics.

I am a sincere student and also actively participate in extra-curricular activities.

My father’s name is Anand Ahuja and my mother’s name is Sampada Ahuja.

My father is a professor at Bangalore University and my mother is an IT professional.

I have two siblings- an elder brother and a younger sister.

My brother studies in Class 7 and my sister is in Class 1.

My hobbies include playing cricket and watching cartoons.

The first impression we make on others is how we introduce ourselves. Who we are, what we like to do in our spare time, what distinguishes us from the crowd, what values we hold dear, and so on are all topics we should consider and write about in the “About Myself” section.

Benefits of English Olympiads for Class 3

  • These first-grade English Olympiads will aid the student in developing excellent communication abilities.
  • aids in comparing their English to standards around the world.
  • A student’s knowledge can be increased through developing new abilities.

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