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The School Connect Online (SCO) conducts the International English Olympiad (IEO) each year to evaluate the English language proficiency of school children. It provides a range of questions with the goal of assisting students in improving their English language abilities. The difficulty levels of all of SCO’s question papers are broken down into groups. 

Any student interested in participating in the International English Olympiad must read the IEO syllabus. All of the subjects covered by the test are covered by the SCO IEO curriculum. The IEO Class 3 chapter 7: Nouns and Pronouns will be covered in this post.

IEO 2022-23

IEO Class 3 chapter 7: Nouns and Pronouns Detailed notes

In their daily lives, students typically hear numerous words: While Nouns are names of places, people, or things. Isn’t it simple to recognize the noun and comprehend what it means?

One of the fundamental ideas that every student in class needs to understand is nouns.

What is a Noun?

A noun is a name for the thing, place, or person that it describes. Here are some people, places, and things to help you comprehend the noun’s precise meaning.


Pronouns and nouns are comparable to each other, yet in some phrases, repeated nouns can render the sentence meaningless.

In essence, a pronoun is a word that can take the place of frequent noun usage. Every first-grade student must know how to use pronouns correctly because even one error can render a statement meaningless.

What is a Pronoun?

He, she, it, and they are examples of pronouns that can be used in place of nouns in sentences.

The usage of pronouns is crucial to enhancing the meaning of the phrase and reducing instances of the word (noun) being used repeatedly.

With the aid of an example, let’s better comprehend how the pronoun is used in the sentence.

The bike needs to be fixed, so I took it to the mechanic. (In this case, the pronoun bike is the repeated word in the sentence that means “it can replace.”

I took the bike to the mechanic because it needs fixing, which is also a valid sentence structure.

Rahul decided to go to the store to purchase the chips because he wanted them.

Rahul has been used twice in this. It sounds funny, doesn’t it?

We don’t always want to repeat the same noun in a sentence.

Because of this, we are adding a pronoun to a statement might make it more exciting and enticing to readers.

Types of Pronouns

There are seven different types of pronouns that are taught in English classes: the personal pronoun, the interrogative pronoun, the relative pronoun, the reflexive pronoun, the indefinite pronoun, the demonstrative pronoun, and the intensive pronoun.

In higher-level classes, you will become familiar with all of them.

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