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Remarkably, there are up to 6,000 languages in the world. English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. There are roughly 400 million native English speakers worldwide. English is England’s native language. Today, English is a vital subject for reaching one’s life goals. The English Olympiad is a sophisticated strategy for boosting English language skills. English Olympiad tests are designed to stimulate and enhance English spelling, grammar, and learning. 

Students gain early exposure to learning and competitiveness by taking English Olympiad tests. English Olympiad Exams are application-based and are not dependent on the school curriculum. It assists pupils in clearly understanding the ideas.

Students become accustomed to competitive exams through consistent participation year after year. This will aid them when they enter the genuine tournaments after the 12th. It seeks to stretch a student’s mind in such a way that it encourages a deeper comprehension of the English language and gives exposure at the national level. This article is all about IEO class 3 chapter 6: Jumbled Words and Sentences.

IEO 2022-23

IEO Class 3 Chapter 6: Jumbled Words and Sentences Detailed Notes 

Jumbled words and sentences are composed of a string of poorly organized or unconnected sentences that have been written in a random order. It is our responsibility to read, understand, and then reassemble or rearrange all of these statements so that they make sense.

Students are given jumbled sentences in the form of questions and are asked to sort them out or rearrange them. This is a highly popular method for teaching sentence structure. Such queries present certain words in a disorganized manner, which when properly connected can result in a meaningful statement.

Examples of Jumbled Sentences

The jumbled sentences should be answered by the students when they have understood the potential of a coherent sentence. This can be presented in a paragraph format, where one must reorganize the various sentences that are mixed together. 

Let’s examine some English scrambled words and their solutions.

For example, the sentence can be

“Today, Meena and I are attending a birthday party,” was the statement.

Although the question might be posed in the following ways,


The question could alternatively take a different format, where students are given short, jumbled phrases containing the correct answers, and they must arrange them in the proper order.

Rules to Solve Jumbled Sentences

If one is familiar with the following guidelines for structuring a statement with jumbled words, they can respond to such queries with ease:

  • Try to identify the sentence’s or paragraph’s main theme. Finding terms that recur often throughout the sentence will help with this.
  • The initial word in a phrase can also be another relative pronoun, such as who, whom, that, what, and which, or an indefinite pronoun, such as everybody, anybody, no one, nobody, both, one, some, or other none.
  • When articles like “a,” “an,” and “the” are used at the beginning of a sentence, they are typically used at the beginning of the paragraph.

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