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The School Connect Online (SCO) conducts the International English Olympiad (IEO) each year to evaluate the English language proficiency of school children. It provides a range of questions with the goal of assisting students in improving their English language abilities. The difficulty levels of all of SCO’s question papers are broken down into groups. Although the IEO syllabus is the same from school to school and grade to grade, the questions’ level of difficulty varies. This article is all about IEO Class 3 Chapter 11: A Short Story: 1.

IEO 2022-23

IEO Class 3 Chapter 11: A Short Story: 1 Detailed Notes

Very Short Moral Stories in English are the most effective techniques to teach moral education to children and adults. In a short period of time, you can teach short stories with moral elements.

Very Short Story with Morals

The Lion and the Mouse

There was once a lion in the bush who would kill 2-3 animals every day for his supper. All the animals came to him to tell him that one of them would come to him every day for his dinner. So the Lion agreed, and this went on for several days. It was Rabbit’s turn one day. On his way, he noticed a well. He now intends to kill the lion in order to save himself. He approached the lion and informed him that another lion claims to be more powerful than him. The lion then requests that the rabbit transport him to that lion. The rabbit leads him to the well and claims to dwell there. When the lion saw his own reflection in the well, he leaped in and drowned.

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