Science Olympiad initially originated in America to instigate the interest of students in the science field. It was framed with 23 different events for the students to compete in and explore the distinct discipline of science. It was conducted for both middle and high school students across 50 states of America.Important Aspects of Science Olympiad Exams and Their Types

Eventually, the aim of this exam was achieved by stirring the students’ minds to explore the multiple facets of Science and upgrading their knowledge.

The influence of the Science Olympiad made a mark in different countries and let the students engage and compete in it. Similar to many competitive exams, Science Olympiad begins at the entrance level and concludes at the national level.

There are Humpty numbers of competitive exams in science so it is best to look out for the rules and regulations for the Science Olympiad exams in particular. This article will give you an insight into Science Olympiad Exams and their types.


Science Olympiad exams have become an invincible part of the education curriculum. It allows the students to compete at the national level from a young age and hone their skills to level up.

The exams are conducted not only for science but also for various majors like English, Mathematics, Social studies, General Knowledge, Art, Spelling, and Essay. This exam opens up a pathway to identify your field of interest and master it.

Exposure to the Science Olympiad must be given to the students of all classes. The first step is to access the knowledge about the nature of this competition and introduce them to its various prospects of it. The core concept of this exam is to throw different light upon learning and experimenting with the spectra of Science.

While the basis of school education revolves around the spoon-feeding method, Science Olympiad permits the students to understand and apply the notion on their own. It offers them the power to innovate and discover a new perspective of learning apart from their syllabus.

It can even help them to formulate a new method of learning and initiate their curiosity to know more about the tip of the iceberg.



Students sometimes feel that Science Olympiad exams are hard without knowing how to navigate through the exam. But preparing for Science Olympiad is a piece of cake if you find out the method which suits the best for you.

You have to thoroughly go through the syllabus given on the official website. You can plan to cover the topics on a daily basis. Before wrapping up each topic you should write down the important points to revise in the end. Trying out the previous years’ question papers and attending mock tests based on the current syllabus will assist you in this journey.

To boost your strengths and not waste your time looking for the materials for learning, you can sign in with School Connect Online. This platform is specially designed to guide the students in the Olympiad exams and caters to all their needs in winning the competitive exams. You can enroll now and gain knowledge of the curated question bank of the academicians.

Given below are the types of Olympiad Exams conducted for Science

1. NSO Exams

National Science Olympiad is one of the main exams conducted for students of all ages. School Connect Olympiad arranges this exam to uplift the educational curriculum of the students by shaping their scientific and logical reasoning abilities. The students who participate in this examination are ranked based on their performance.


National Standard Examination in Biology is carefully crafted to assess the skill of the students in the scholastic views. It uses MCQs to evaluate the level of understanding of the students and strengthens their positive traits. Only school students are eligible for this examination.


National Standard Examination in Chemistry is to elevate the oriented learning ability of the students. It values the in-depth knowledge of the students and the best part it gives detailed feedback for the students to improve their learning capacity.

4. ISCO -SCO International Olympiad Exams

International School Connect Olympiad is the biggest International Olympiad conducted with the support of IIT’s and IIM’s. ISCO enlightens with the following Olympiads for bringing the best out the students.

  • International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO)
  • International Science Olympiad (ISO)
  • International English Olympiad (IEO)
  • International Coding Olympiad (ICO)
  • International Artificial Intelligence Olympiad (IAIO)
  • International Logical Reasoning Olympiad (ILRO)
  • International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO)

4.IOAA Exams

International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics mainly focuses to show the students the important aspects of science and research and instills the practical ability to experiment with it. It also promotes the collaboration of Astronomy and Astrophysics among the young minds.

5. ISO Exams

The International Science Olympiad exam is held globally and students from different parts across the countries can participate in the competition. It is a platform for students with budding knowledge can improve their skill set. It prepares them to confront both national as well as International Competitions.

6. IBO Exams

International Biology Olympiad is for students who aspire to become proficient in the arena of Science especially in Biology. The exams are conducted by zestful professionals who have science as their strongest forte.

It is to test the knowledge of the students in the subjects of physics, chemistry, and biology. It nurtures the students learning and aids them to do research more in their respective fields of expertise.


  • Science Olympiad exams increase the potential of the students and let them learn more.
  • It deepens scientific knowledge and introduces the different dimensions of scientific theories.
  • Science Olympiad confers them to cultivate a logical outlook towards life.
  • It develops problem-solving skills and acquires the wisdom of time management by furnishing them to decipher concepts with tricky questions.
  • Science Olympiad exams offer students the advantages of integral learning.
  • The point of view of the students towards scientific methods alters after participating in these exams.

According to the type of examination, the duration varies. All the Science Olympiad Exams will be conducted mostly in English. You have to be aware of the exam date, syllabus and pattern before preparing for the exams. I have enclosed a detailed overview of the Science Olympiad Exams in this article. To get a clearer picture of various types of competitive exams for school students, subscribe to our blog.

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