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For a better performance, Download the Class 4 NSO Science Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper – 2022. It helps you perform well in the NSO Olympiad. Following your School Connect Online enrolment for the Olympiad, you can access free practice questions.

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NSO Free Sample PDF Papers for Class 4 – Download

Professionals developed the NSO Science Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper for Class 4, 2022 to aid students in familiarizing themselves with the material covered and the pattern/marking scheme used, which can then be used to assist them in developing a sensible plan and strategy for exam preparation.

Guidelines for the Candidate

1. You will get additional ten minutes to fill up information about yourself on the OMR Sheet, before the start of the exam.

2. Write your Name, School Code, Class, Roll No. and Mobile Number clearly on the OMR Sheet and do not forget to sign it. We will share your marks / result and other information related to Olympiad exams on your mobile number.

3. The Question Paper comprises sections: reasoning, subjective, achievers’ section

4. All questions are compulsory. There is no negative marking. Use of calculator is not permitted.

5. There is only ONE correct answer. Choose only ONE option for an answer.

6. To mark your choice of answers by darkening the circles on the OMR Sheet, use HB Pencil or Blue / Black ball point pen only

7. Rough work should be done in the blank space provided in this booklet.

8. Return the OMR Sheet to the invigilator at the end of the exam.

9. Please fill in your personal details in the space provided on this page before attempting the paper.

1.Which food components are missing in the given flow chart?

  1. Fats, water, sugar
  2. Water, sugar, milk
  3. Sugar, fish and milk 
  4. Fats, water and minerals

2.Read the following sentences. Then choose the correct option.

  1. The energy value of food is measured in joules. 
  2. The fibers present in all plant products constitute carbohydrate.
  1. Statement A is correct, statement B is incorrect
  2. Statement B is correct, statement A is incorrect
  3. Both the statements are correct
  4. Both the statements are incorrect.

3.Which is the correct group out of the following?

  1. Vitamin A- Papaya- Night Blindness
  2. Vitamin D- Sunlight- swollen gums
  3. Fats- Salt- Goiter
  4. Vitamin B-Spinach- Scurvy

4.What type of plant is shown in the image below?

NSO Science Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper for Class 4
  1. Climbers 
  2. Creepers
  3. Insectivorous 
  4. Aquatic 

5. Fill in the following crossword based on the hints and then choose the correct option.

3   56  
NSO Science Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper for Class 4
1It is a very rich source of protein.4We must restrict eating too much of ….or else we will get fat.
2Energy giving food5It does not have nutritional value but helps to remove undigested food from our body.
3Excellent source of carbohydrate and iron6Putting… the food may keep us warm but eating it too much makes us bulky.
NSO Science Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper for Class 4
  1. Egg, sugar, beetroot, tomato, fibre, butter
  2. Fish, carbohydrate, beetroot, potato, roughage, oil
  3. Milk, protein, beetroot, ltomato, roughage, oil
  4. Fish, carbohydrate, beetroot, tomato, fibre, oil

6.What are A and B in the following image?

NSO Science Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper for Class 4
  1. Carbon dioxide, B- Oxygen
    1. Oxygen, B- carbon dioxide
    1. water vapour, B- Water
    1. Water, B- water vapour

7.Which out of the following is correct or incorrect?

  1. Viviparous animals give live birth and do not lay eggs.
  2. Whales and dolphins that live in water are mammals.
  1. Statement A is correct, statement B is incorrect.
  2. Statement A is incorrect, statement B is correct.
  3. Both the statements are correct.
  4. Both the statements are incorrect.

8.What is the function of the circulatory system?

  1. It flows blood in the body.
  2. It carries oxygen and nutrients to cells.
  3. It takes away waste from the cells.
  4. All of the above.

9.State whether the following sentences are true or false, then choose the correct option.

  1. All plants prepare their food.
  2. Pumpkin is a climber.
  1. TT
  2. FF
  3. FT
  4. TF

10.What conclusion can be drawn from the experiment given below?

NSO Science Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper for Class 4
  1. Testing the leaf for presence of starch
  2. To prove that water moves up through the stem
  3. To prove that xylem is present in plants
  4. To prove that leaf can prepare food

Answer Keys:

Ques. 1(d)Ques. 6(b)
Ques. 2(d)Ques. 7(c)
Ques. 3(a)Ques. 8(d)
Ques. 4(c)Ques. 9(b)
Ques. 5(b)                 Ques. 10(a)
NSO Science Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper for Class 4

FAQs on Olympiad Exam Class 4

1. Olympiad for Class 4

It assists children in developing their language, logic, and math skills, among other things.

2. Which Olympiad is the best for class 4? 

The SCO – International School Connect Olympiad organises the best Olympiads such as NSO, ICO, IMO, IEO,IGKO,IAIO etc.

3. What is the syllabus of science Olympiad for Class 4?

NSO Syllabus for Class 4

Section – 1: Plants Life,Animals,Food and Digestion,Transport and Communications,Human Needs,Matters and Materials,Force,Work and Energy,Our Environment,Earth and Universe

4. What is IMO Class 4?

The SCO International Olympiad administers the International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) to assess students’ mathematical skills and understanding.

NSO Science Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper for Class 4

Important Key terms

NSO Class 4 Syllabus

NSO Sample Question Paper for Class 4 – Olympiad

Olympiad Class 4 Official Previous Years (Past) Papers                  

Science Olympiad for Class 4 Worksheets PDF

Olympiad previous Year question papers for Class 4 pdf

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