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Download the Class 11 NSO Science Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper – 2022 for a better performance. You perform better at the NSO Olympiad as a result. You can obtain free practise questions after enrolling in the Olympiad through School Connect Online.

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Professionals developed the NSO Science Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper for Class 11, 2022 to aid students in familiarizing themselves with the material covered and the pattern/marking scheme used, which can then be used to assist them in developing a sensible plan and strategy for exam preparation.

NSO School Connect Olympiad

NSO Science Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper for Class 10 – Download

Guidelines for the Candidate

1. You will get additional ten minutes to fill up information about yourself on the OMR Sheet, before the start of the exam.

2. Write your Name, School Code, Class, Roll No. and Mobile Number clearly on the OMR Sheet and do not forget to sign it. We will share your marks / result and other information related to Olympiad exams on your mobile number.

3. The Question Paper comprises sections: reasoning, subjective, achievers’ section

4. All questions are compulsory. There is no negative marking. Use of calculator is not permitted.

5. There is only ONE correct answer. Choose only ONE option for an answer.

6. To mark your choice of answers by darkening the circles on the OMR Sheet, use HB Pencil or Blue / Black ball point pen only

7. Rough work should be done in the blank space provided in this booklet.

8. Return the OMR Sheet to the invigilator at the end of the exam.

9. Please fill in your personal details in the space provided on this page before attempting the paper.

1. A graph of x versus t is shown in the figure. Choose the correct alternatives from the list below.

NSO Science Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper for Class 11

(i) The particle was released from rest at t = 0. 

(ii) At B, the acceleration a > 0. 

(iii) At C, the velocity and the acceleration vanish. 

(iv) Average velocity for the motion between A and D is positive. (e) The speed at D exceeds that at E.

(v) The speed at D exceeds that at E.

  1. (i), (iii), (iv)
  2. (i), (ii), (v)
  3. (i), (ii), (iv)
  4. (i), (iii), (v)

2. A fighter plane is flying horizontally at an altitude of 1.5 km with a speed 720 km/h. At what angle of sight (w.r.t. horizontal) when the target is seen, should the pilot drop the bomb in order to attack the target? 

  1. 23o4’
  2. 33o4’
  3. 43o4’
  4. 22o4’

3. Identify the parts P to U of the given figure.

NSO Science Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper for Class 11
  1. 1. P- Centriole, Q-Chromosome, R- Spindle fibre, S- Kinetochore, T- Sister chromatids, U-Aster

2. P- Centriole, Q- Aster, R- Spindle fibre, S- Kinetochore, T- Sister chromatids, U- Chromosome

3. P- Centriole, Q-Chromosome, R- Spindle fibre, S- Sister chromatids, T- Kinetochore, U-Aster

4. P- Centriole, Q- Spindle fibre, R- Chromosome, S- Kinetochore, T- Sister chromatids, U-Aster

4.  A process is occurring throughout the day, in ‘X’ organisms. Cells are participating in this process. During this process, ATP, CO2 and water are evolved. It is not a light dependent process. 

Which of the following statements is correct about the given process?

  1. The process is called cellular respiration.
  2. It is a catabolic process because it involves the glucose molecule breakdown. 
  3. The raw materials involved in the cellular respiration process are glucose molecules and oxygen.
  4. All of these

5. A plant shows Thallus’ level of organization. It shows rhizoids and is haploid. It needs water to complete its life cycle because the male gametes are motile. Identify the group to which it belongs to:

  1. Pteridophytes
  2. Gymnosperms 
  3. Monocots 
  4. Bryophytes

6. The correct sequence of flow of electrons in the light reaction is _________.

  1. PSII, plastoquinone, cytochromes, PSI, ferredoxin 
  2. PSI, plastoquinone, cytochromes, PSII, ferredoxin 
  3. PSI, ferredoxin, PSII 
  4. PSI, plastoquinone, cytochromes, PSII, ferredoxin

7. Match the following list of animals with their level of organisation. 

Division of Labour                             Animal 

Column I                                           Column II 

A. Organ level                                 i. Pheretima 

B. Cellular aggregate level            ii. Fasciola 

C. Tissue level                                 iii. Spongilla 

D. Organ system level                   iv. Obelia 

Choose the correct match showing division of labour with animal examples. 

(a) i-B, ii-C, iii-D, and iv-A 

(b) i-B, ii-D, iii-C, and iv-A 

(c) i-D, ii-A, iii-B, and iv-C 

(d) i-A, ii-D, iii-C, and iv-B

 8. The pollutants that come directly into the air from sources are called primary pollutants. Primary pollutants are sometimes converted into secondary pollutants. Which of the following belong to secondary air pollutants?

  1. CO 
  2. Hydrocarbon 
  3. Peroxyacetyl nitrate 
  4. NO

9. For an electrophilic substitution reaction, the presence of a halogen atom in the benzene ring _______.

  1. deactivates the ring by inductive effect. 
  2. deactivates the ring by resonance 
  3. increases the charge density at ortho and para positions relative to meta positions by resonance 
  4. directs the incoming electrophile to metaposition by increasing the charge density relative to ortho and paraposition. 
  1. 1 and 3
  2. 2 and 4
  3. 1, 2 and 3
  4. None of these

  10. Name a plant, that accumulates silicon.

  1. Oryza sativa 
  2. Triticum aestivum 
  3. Both (a) and (b)
  4. None of these

Answer Keys:

Ques. 1(d)Ques. 6(a)
Ques. 2(a)Ques. 7(c)
Ques. 3(a)Ques. 8(c)
Ques. 4(d)Ques. 9(a)
Ques. 5(d)Ques. 10(c)
NSO Science Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper for Class 11

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