IMO Class 5

International Mathematics Olympiad famously known as IMO is a mathematics Olympiad conducted under the direction of the Science Olympiad Foundation for your child to build a good foundation for maths. Moreover, for better performance in higher standard. However, IMO Class 5 exposes you to a wide scope of questions and the difficulty levels to make you amicable with the subject and the concepts.

IMO Class5 Previous Year Papers


The procedure of IMO Exams

Level 1: 

This level of the test is conducted in your schools during school hours.

(i) The first 1 competition is in a form of a test 60 minutes time limit consisting of 35 objective nature Multiple Choice questions for classes 1 to 4. However, 50 objective nature MCQs for classes 5 to 12.

(ii) The question paper complies with four sections:

1 Section-: Logical Reasoning

2 Section-: Mathematical Reason

3 Section-: Everyday Mathematics

4 Section-: Achievers Section

(iii) There are individual questions papers for every date of exam.

(iv) The mode in which the test is conducted in English.

(v) CBSE, ICSE/ISC, and State Board courses are considered before compiling the test papers. 

(vi) The exam will be taken during your school hours.

Level 2:

 The second level is conducted for the students of 3rd and 12th standards. Candidates of the second round will be:

  • International Level: Top 5% of students, according to the class, who appear in the 1st level exam internationally.
  • Zone/State Level: Top 25 rank holders from individual Zone and every class.
  • School Level: Class topper where at least 10 students from every class appear in the exam.

IMO Class 5 Score Format

Logical Reasoning15115
Mathematical Reasoning20120
Everyday Mathematics10110
Achievers Section5315
Grand Total50 60
  • Level-I Olympiad exams question will be 60% from your present class syllabus and 40% weightage will be from the previous class syllabus.
  • Questions of level-II Olympiad exams will be from your present class course only.
  • Questions in ACHIEVERS SECTION will be also from the present class course only.


A school may select one date to conduct the IMO examination as per their convenience.

FIRST DATE – 4th & 5th December 2021

SECOND DATE – 24th & 26th December  2021

THIRD DATE – 8th & 9th January 2022

Dates of exams may shuffle as per the functioning of schools due to the pandemic.

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