IMO Class5 Previous Year papers

The Maths Olympiad famously acknowledges as IMO. IMO Class5 Previous papers contain answers to numerous questions asked in the previous Olympiad exam papers and give a step-by-step guide for solving a large array of problems. However, IMO papers are divided into numerous sections. These sections are logical reasoning, mathematical reasoning, and day-to-day maths.


IMO olympiad

Although, thoroughly studying and understanding the solutions given in IMO Class 5 Previous Papers will allow you to develop efficient problem-solving abilities. Moreover, it modifies both your abstract and creative reasoning skills as well.

How is the IMO exam conducted?

Level 1: 

The first level of the examination is conducted in your respective schools that too during school hours only.

  • The Level 1 exam of objective-type test in nature. It has a duration of 60 minutes and comprises 35 questions for 1st to 4th Standards. And for 5th to 12th standards 50 objective-type questions.
  • The exam contains four sections:
    1st: Logical Reasoning
    2nd : Mathematical Reasoning
    3rd : Everyday Mathematics
    4th: Achievers Section
  • There are different question papers for every standard.
  • The language of the examination is English.
  • However, the syllabus of CBSE, ICSE/ISC, and other State Board is considered before setting test papers.

Level 2:

 Level 2 of the IMO exam is for the students studying in the 3rd to 12th standard. The second round qualifiers will contain the following:

  • Top 5% of students class-wise that gave an attempt for the 1st level examination. Due weightage to marks secured in various sections will be given. Every section holds a separate weightage.
  • Top 25 rank holders class-wise according to the Zone.
  • At least 10 class toppers from a class appear in the exam and have secured a 50% qualifying score.

Scoring Pattern of IMO

The scoring pattern for IMO Level 1 and Level 2 exams is described below:

Level Class SectionMarks per QuestionNo. of QuestionsSection-wise MarksTotal Marks
LEVEL 1 1-4Logical Reasoning1101040
Mathematical Reasoning11010
Everyday Mathematics11010
Achievers Section2510
5-10Logical Reasoning1151560
Mathematical Reasoning12020
Everyday Mathematics11010
Achievers Section3515
11-12 Logical Reasoning1151560
Applied Mathematics/ Mathematical Reasoning12020
Everyday Mathematics11010
Achievers Section3515
LEVEL 2 3-4Mathematics1303040
Achievers Section2510
Achievers Section3515

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