5th Class Social Science

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Class 5

Olympiad Exam for Class 5

5th Class Social Science Course

S.NoChapter Names    Summary
1.   ChapterThe Globe – A Model of the EarthThis session contains key concepts concerning the globe – a small model of the Earth.
2.   ChapterMapsThis chapter consists of the concepts related to the chapter maps.
3.   ChapterMovements of the EarthThis session is about the Movements of the Earth i.e. Rotation and Revolution
4.   ChapterClimate            It will enlighten you regarding climates and their changes.
5.   ChapterDRC – The Land of Dense ForestThis session revolves around the Democratic Republic of Congo
6.   ChapterGreenland – The Land of Ice and SnowIn this, you will be exploring Greenland – The Land of Ice and Snow
7.   ChapterSaudi Arabia – The Land of Hot SandsIn this, you will feel the heat of Saudi Arabia – The Land of Hot Sands
8.   ChapterGrasslands of the Temperate ZoneIn this, You will be experiencing the Grasslands of the Temperate Zone.
9.   ChapterTransportIn this session, you will study the various modes of transport.
10. ChapterCommunicationIn this, you will be enlightened about the ways of communicating.
11. ChapterRecording and Communicating KnowledgeIn this chapter, you will learn about the Recording and Communicating Knowledge
12. ChapterLiving Longer and Healthier Lives            In this, you will gain knowledge concerning your health and how to live longer and in a healthier way.
13. ChapterThe Age of MachinesIn this, you will get to know about the machines and how they provide ease in our daily routine.
14. ChapterConserving Our EnvironmentThis session will guide you regarding Conserving our Environment.
15. ChapterNatural DisastersIn this chapter, you will study nature and the reasons that cause natural disasters, and so on.
16. ChapterSome People Never DieAs this chapter’s name denotes, in this, you will be studying the legends who fought and sacrificed themselves for the nation.
17. ChapterThe United NationsThis session consists of important principles of the UN and its structure in a simplified and precise format.
18. ChapterThe British Raj and the First War of IndependenceThis will throw light on the battle fought with the British India Company.
19. ChapterThe Struggle for IndependenceIts concept revolves around the struggle of Indians during the war.
20. ChapterGandhiji Leads the NationsIn this, you will study the smart moves of Gandi Ji during the war of Independence
21. ChapterOur GovernmentThis chapter will enlighten you about the Government of India.

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