NCERT Class5 Social Science

NCERT Class5 Social Science consists of the following chapters:


Olympiad Exam for class 5

Science Olympiad Class 5

NCERT Class5 Social Science Syllabus

S.NoChapter Name
1. ChapterThe Globe – A Model of the Earth
2. ChapterMaps
3. ChapterMovements of the Earth
4. ChapterClimate
5. ChapterDRC – The Land of Dense Forest
6. ChapterGreenland – The Land of Ice and Snow
7. ChapterSaudi Arabia – The Land of Hot Sands
8. ChapterGrasslands of the Temperate Zone
9. ChapterTransport
10. ChapterCommunication
11. ChapterRecording and Communicating Knowledge
12. ChapterLiving Longer and Healthier Lives
13. ChapterThe Age of Machines
14. ChapterConserving Our Environment
15. ChapterNatural Disasters
16. ChapterSome People Never Die
17. ChapterThe United Nations
18. ChapterThe British Raj and the First War of Independence
19. ChapterThe Struggle for Independence
20. ChapterGandhiji Leads the Nations
21. ChapterOur Government

How To Effectively Use NCERT Books?

NCERT books have proven to be the best study material that you can rely on. Right now in the 5th standard, your prime focus should be on understanding the concepts rather than concerning just scoring high marks. Moreover, developing a better understanding and relating with the syllabus deeply will help you a lot. The following point will enlighten you more about the benefits of NCERT:

  • 1.   Once you are introduced to the topic or concept relating to the subject, just go through the textbook once again attentively. This will aid you in having a better understanding of the concepts.
  • 2.   For availing more advantages of the NCERT book. Thoroughly go through the activities given in the book and try them taking assistance from your parents and teachers. Then learning will become more fun!
  • 3.   Solving the NCERT exercise, questions, and see if you are capable of answering them or solving any of the given questions. Moreover, go back to the chapter to find out the answer or to understand the concept precisely. However, take the guidance from your teachers.
  • 4.   Try to relate the concepts studied in the session with the situation of real life. By doing so you might come up with more questions. This will help you understand the concepts and topics more in detail.
  • 5.   Solve a maximum number of problems. Moreover, make a habit of practicing them on a regular basis.

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