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International Mathematics Olympiad renowned as IMO is an initial mathematics Olympiad conducted under the vigilance of the Science Olympiad Foundation for you to build a strong foundation for mathematics for better performance in higher classes. However, solving IMO previous year papers provides you exposure to a wide variety of questions and the difficulty levels to make you comfortable with the subject and the concepts.


Olympiad Exam for Class 5 S

cience Olympiad Class 5

Moreover, IMO helps in improving your solving abilities and analytical thinking by giving you challenges in the form of questions of high order thinking. This prepares you for future coming competitive exams.

Section-wise arrangement of questions in the IMO exam

Logical Reasoning15 (1 mark per question)15
Mathematical Reasoning20 (1 mark per question)20
Everyday Mathematics10 (1 mark per question)10
Achievers section5 (3 marks per question)15
Grand Total5060

Perks of solving IMO Class 5 Previous Year Question Papers

Solving the IMO previous year question papers will help you in developing,

  • Speed of solve questions 
  • Improves problem-solving skills
  • Provides creative reasoning skills
  • Logical reasoning skills
  • Moreover, develops numerical solving skills
  • Furthermore, you get an understanding concerning the question paper.
  • The Previous Year Paper provides an idea of the sections of the main examination.
  • However, you attain the basic idea of each section and the type of questions asked.
  • Moreover, you get a sneak peek on the most expected questions in the paper and the difficulty level.

Exam Registration

  • Those schools registered with the SO, prospectus contains theregistration forms can be collected therein. However, A prospectus can also bcollected by the schools by contacting via telephone or sending an email to its official website. 
  • A registration fee of rupees 125 has to be submitted per head for schools in India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Nepal as the costs of the exam. 
  • However, Schools may impose an additional charge of rupees 25 per student, as miscellaneous expenses, teachers’ remuneration, and so on. 
  • Moreover, Students with any sort of major physical disability oran Indian student whose parent(s) got martyred during the defense operations is not liable for submitting any amount of fees.
  • Although,the whole registration fees has to be deposited along with the registration fees before the mentioned deadline. 

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