Science class 5 NCERT

Science Class 5 NCERT contains the following 22 Chapters as a part of its syllabus:


Science Olympiad Class 5

Science NCERT class 5 (English Medium) 

Book NameChapter NumberChapter Name
Looking Around1Super Senses
2A Snake Charmer’s Story
3From Testing to Digesting
4Mangoes Round the Year
5Seeds and Seeds
6Every Drop Counts
7Experiments with Water
8A Treat for Mosquitoes
9Up You Go!
10Walls Tell Stories
11Sunita In Space
12What if it Finishes…?
13A Shelter so High!
14When the Earth Shook!
15Blow Hot, Blow Cold
16Have you seen such scenes around you?
17Across the Wall
18No Place for Us?
19A Seed Tells a Farmer’s Story
20Whose Forests?
21Like Father, Like Daughter
22On the Move Again

Science Class 5 NCERT (Hindi)

 पर्यावरण अध्ययन – आस-पास
1 पाठकैसे पहचाना चींटी ने दोस्त को?
2 पाठकहानी सँपेरों की
3 पाठचखने से पचने तक
4 पाठखाएँ आम बारहों महीने!
5 पाठबीज, बीज, बीज
6 पाठबूँद-बूँद, दरिया-दरिया…
7 पाठपानी के प्रयोग
8 पाठमच्छरों की दावत?
9 पाठडायरी: कमर सीधी, ऊपर चढ़ो!
10 पाठबोलती इमारतें
11 पाठसुनीता अंतरिक्ष में
12 पाठखत्म हो जाए तो…?
13 पाठबसेरा ऊँचाई पर
14  पाठजब धरती काँपी
15  पाठउसी से ठंडा उसी से गर्म
16  पाठकौन करेगा यह काम?
17  पाठफाँद ली दिवार
18  पाठजाएँ तो जाएँ कहाँ
19 पाठकिसानों की कहानी – बीज की जुबानी
20  पाठकिसके जंगल?
21 पाठकिसकी झलक? किसकी छाप?
22 पाठफिर चला काफ़िला

How To Study Effectively Using NCERT Books?

  1. Once a new concept or topic is discussed in class, just go through the textbook once again, before the next class. This will help you have a better understanding of each concept.
  2. Come up with doubts and ask questions in the class to get it clarified then and there.
  3. Check the activities mentioned in the book and try them out with the help of parents and teachers. This will make learning more fun!
  4. Solve the NCERT exercise questions, and if you are not able to answer or solve any question, then go back to the chapter to find the answer or to understand the concept. Moreover, take the guidance of your teacher.
  5. Try to relate the concepts studied in class to real-life situations. Following it you may come up with more questions and this will, in turn, help you understand the topics and concepts better.

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