CBSE Class 5 English

The Class 5 English syllabus is bisected into 2 portions where the main titles are Language and Literature, accordingly. We have not only jotted down a list of chapters from Grammar (Language) but also for Literature. Keep scrolling to know more about the syllabus as well as the marking scheme.


Science Class 5 NCERT

IEO International English olympiad

English Syllabus for Grammar

S.noChapter Name
1.   ChapterWord Formation
2.   ChapterAntonyms
3.   ChapterSynonyms 
4.   ChapterRhyming Words 
5.   ChapterSuffix and Prefix 
6.   ChapterHomonyms 
7.   ChapterHomophones 
8.   ChapterWh- Questions 
9.   ChapterContractions 
10. ChapterVocabulary Building 
11.  ChapterDeterminers 
12.  ChapterNouns 
13.  ChapterPronouns 
14. ChapterVerbs 
15. ChapterAdverbs 
16. ChapterAdjectives 
17. ChapterDegrees of Comparison 
18. ChapterConjunctions 
19. ChapterPrepositions 
20. ChapterPunctuation Marks 
21. ChapterThe Gerund 
22. ChapterThe Participle 
23. ChapterInfinitives 
24. Chapter Mood 
25. ChapterModals 
26. ChapterTypes of Sentences 
27. ChapterJumbled Sentences 
28. ChapterClauses 
29. ChapterCase 
30. ChapterSubject-Verb Agreement 
31. ChapterTenses 
32. ChapterUse of Do and Does 
33. ChapterSimiles 
34. ChapterProverbs 
35. ChapterIdioms and Phrases 
36. ChapterAlliteration 
37. ChapterSpeech 
38. ChapterQuestion and Answers 
39. ChapterStory Completion 
40. ChapterReport Writing 
41. ChapterWriting Skills 
42. ChapterEssay Writing 
43. ChapterLetter Writing – Formal and Informal 
44. ChapterComprehension 
45. ChapterDiary Entry 
46. ChapterNotice Writing 
47. ChapterParagraph Writing 
48. ChapterMessages 

Class 5 English Syllabus For Literature

1st UnitWonderful Waste
Ice Cream Man
2nd UnitFlying Together
3rd UnitRobinson Crusoe
My Shadow
4th UnitMy Elder Brother
5th UnitRip van Winkle
Lazy Frog
6th UnitTalkative Barber
Class Discussion
7th UnitGullivers Travels
Opsy- Turvey Land
8th UnitThe Little Bully
Nobody’s Friend
9th UnitAround the World
Sing a Song of People
10th UnitWho will be Ningthou
Malu Bhalu

CBSE Class 5 English Marking Scheme

Name of the chapterName of the Examination
 1st Chapter: Wonderful Waste
 2nd Chapter: Ice Cream Man
 3rd Chapter: Flying Together
 4th Chapter: Teamwork
5th Chapter: Robinson Crusoe
   Formative Assessment (FA-1) 20 Marks
 6th Chapter: My Shadow
 7th Chapter: My Elder Brother
8th Chapter: Crying
9th Chapter: Rip van Winkle
 10th Chapter: Lazy Frog
  Formative Assessment (FA-2) 20 Marks
 Revision and Half-yearly Exam Summative Assessment (SA-1) 60 Marks
  11th Chapter: Talkative Barber
 12th Chapter: Class Discussion
13th Chapter: Gulliver’s Travels
 14th Chapter: Opsy- Turvey Land
 15th Chapter: The Little Bully
16th Chapter: Nobody’s Friend
   Formative Assessment (FA-3) 20 Marks
  17th Chapter: Around the World
18th Chapter: Sing a Song of People
  Formative Assessment (FA-4) 20 Marks
 19th Chapter: Who will be Ningthou?
20th Chapter: Malu Bhalu
 Revision and Final Exam Summative Assessment (SA-2) 60 Marks

Class 5 English Question Paper Overview 

Section AReadingAll questions in relation to the Topics of the English Language
Section BWritingAll questions in relation to the Topics of the English Language
Section CGrammarAll questions in relation to the Topics of the English Language
Section DLiteratureAll questions in relation to the Topics of the English Literature

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