CBSE Class 5 Maths Worksheet

Class 5 Maths Worksheet contains the problems and questions to help you in greasing your calculation skills and tackling the technicalities of 5th standard mathematics. You can practice them anytime to polish your skills and challenge yourself for a playful learning time.


IMO Class 5

Class 5

Class 5 Maths Worksheet

1st Question

A large box consists of 18 small boxes and every small box consists of 25 chocolate bars. How many chocolates are in the larger box?

2nd Question

Tim can walk 4 kilometers in an hour. How much time does it take Tim to walk 18 kilometers?

3rd Question

It takes Jordan 25 minutes to reach the car park while walking and 45 to drive to work. At what time should he leave the house in order to reach his workplace at 9:00 a.m.?

4th Question

 Bob and Tom have 49 total numbers of toys. If Tom has 5 more toys than Bob, how many toys does each of them have?

5th Question

A factory produces 2300 TV sets in its initial year of production. 4500 sets were produced in its 2nd year, and additional 500 sets were manufactured in its 3rd year than in its 2nd year. How many TV sets were manufactured in three years?

6th Question

Lisa purchased 3 notebooks at 12 each. A box of pencils at 15 and a box of pens at 17. How much did Lisa pay?

7th Question

Mr. Red can eat a quarter of a pizza in one minute. How long does it take Mr. Red to eat one and a half pizzas?

8th Question

Jo can eat 1/6  of a pizza in 2 minutes. It takes 3 minutes for Bill to eat one-quarter of the same pizza. If John and Bill started eating one pizza each, who would finish first?

9th Question

Jim, Jo, and Tom belong to the same family. Jo is 5 years older than Jim. Tom is 6 years older than Jo. The sum of their ages is 31 years. What is the exact age of Jim, Jo, and Tom?

10th Question

Irish read the quarter of the time that Tim read. Tim read only 2/5 of the time in comparison to what Sara read. Sara read twice as long as Mike. If Mike read 5 hours, how much time did John read?

11th Question

In Jack’s house, a rectangular swimming pool (navy) whose length is 30 meters and width is 10 meters is surrounded by grass (dark green). The pool with the grassy area makes a large rectangle whose length is 50 meters and width is 20 meters. How much area is occupied by the grass?

12th Question

How many minutes are in one week?

13th Question

Maria wants to make a box. She took a piece of cardboard of length 15 cm and width is 10 cm. Then she cuts congruent squares with sides of 3 cm at the four corners. What is the area of the cardboard after cutting the 4 corners?

14th Question

Mary had 35 and withdrew some more amount from her bank account. She bought a pair of trousers at 340, two shirts at 16.00 each and 2 pairs of shoes for 240 each. After shopping, she has 320 left. How much money did Mar withdraw from her account?

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