CBSE Class 5 Maths

CBSE class 5 Maths chapters will provide you knowledge regarding the following chapters. Mentioned below are the Class 5 Maths chapters along with the related concepts.


Class 5 Worksheet Maths

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CBSE Class 5 Maths Syllabus

1st Chapter: The Fish Tale

  • You will get to know the rule of multiplication to calculate the Weight of Fishes in trap.
  • However, you will learn to calculate the distance traveled by boat.
  • Moreover, calculating the money boats collected by selling fish and prawns

2nd Chapter: Shapes and Angles

  • Knowledge about : What is the angle between the arm and hand?
  • Moreover, how to draw equal angles?

3rd Chapter: How Many Squares

  • You will be getting familiar with, how to make squares from a provided set of dots?
  • You will solve questions based on measuring the sides of squares

4th Chapter: Parts and Whole

  • Concept related to whole and fractions.
  • Accurate representation and discovering fractions and relationships of them as a whole.

5th Chapter: Does it Look the Same?

  • How to form various kinds of patterns and their comparison
  • Understand the concept of shapes of various patterns
  • Switching the place of figures and alphabets and comparing each

6th Chapter: Multiple, I’ll be Your Factor

  • Jumping two or three or more numbers and forming the series through it.
  • Find out numbers divisible by 2, 3, or 4.
  • In the sequential format, write down the multiples of a given number.
  • Find out the lowest common multiples, and so on.

7th Chapter: Can You See The Pattern

To identify the patterns for a given block:

  • Repeating it with one-fourth turn.
  • Repeat it with a three-fourth turn
  • Repeat it with a half-turn.

8th Chapter: Mapping Your Way

  • Highlights the numerous shapes such as hexagons, pentagons, triangles, and other shapes.
  • Also, figuring out the distances between numerous places

9th Chapter: Boxes and Sketches

  • This will give you a bowl full of knowledge regarding different shapes of boxes along with their drawing.

10th Chapter: Tenths and Hundredths

  • The sneak peeks of ways of measuring temperatures at two different times of the day.

11th Chapter: Area and its Boundary

  • Utilizing various strategies such as using tokens, stamps, etc.
  • To compare the area of things

12th Chapter: Smart Charts

  • Using tally marks for recording data of things with larger numbers.
  • Using various charts and bar graphs.

13th Chapter: Ways to Divide and Multiply

  • You will get to know about multiplication and division.

14th Chapter: How Big How Heavy

  • Different methods and units for weighing and measurements.

Class 5 Maths Marking Scheme

Name of the chapterName of the Examination
  1st Chapter: The Fish Tale
 2nd Chapter: Shapes and Angles
 3rd Chapter: How Many Squares?
 4th Chapter: Parts and Wholes
   Formative Assessment (FA-1) 20 Marks
 5th Chapter: Does it look the same?
 6th Chapter: Be My Multiple, I will be Your Factor
7th Chapter: Can You See the Pattern?
  Formative Assessment (FA-2) 20 Marks
 8th Chapter: Mapping Your Way Summative Assessment (SA-1) 60 Marks
  9th Chapter: Boxes and Sketches
 10th Chapter: Tenths and Hundredths
 11th Chapter: Area and its Boundary
 12th Chapter: Smart Charts
   Formative Assessment (FA-3) 20 Marks
 13th Chapter: Ways to Multiply and Divide  Formative Assessment (FA-4) 20 Marks
 14th Chapter: How Big? How Heavy?   
 Revision and Final Exam Summative Assessment (SA-2) 60 Marks

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