Class 5

Class 5 is an essential step in shaping your future for further coming higher standards of education. Class 5 consists of the 5 Major subjects i.e. Environmental Science, Mathematics, English, Hindi, or Urdu. Moreover, there as a few minor subjects as well like General knowledge, SUPW, Physical Education.


IMO Class 5

Major subjects and Books:

SubjectBook NameSyllabus
EVSLooking AroundCBSE Class 5 Science
MathematicsMath-MagicNCERT CBSE class5 maths
EnglishMarigoldCBSE Class 5 English
UrduIbtedai Urdu

Syllabus For Class 5 General Knowledge

Class 5 Syllabus for General Knowledge is mentioned below:

Lesson No.Lesson Name
1) LessonAnimals
2) LessonLiving Spaces
3) LessonSources of Water
4) LessonModes of Transport
5) LessonFestivals of India
6) LessonOdd One Out
7) LessonSpot the Difference
8) LessonSave Electricity
9) LessonSave Water
10)LessonNational Symbol of India
11)LessonImportant Dates of Year

Class 5 Syllabus for Arts & Craft

Syllabus for Arts and Crafts is as follows:

  1. Draw Different Shapes
  2. Knowledge of Primary and Secondary Colours
  3. Drawing and Colouring of Different Objects


Class 5 Physical Education

Class 5 Syllabus and topics for Physical Education are mentioned below in a tabulated form:

I. UnitPlanning in Sports a) Meaning & Objectives Of Planning
b) Various Committees & its Responsibilities 
c) Tournament
d) Procedure To Draw Fixtures
II.UnitSports & Nutrition a) Balanced Diet & Nutrition
b) Nutritive & Non-Nutritive Components Of Diet
c) Eating For Weight Control 
III. UnitYoga & Lifestyle a) Asanas as preventive measures
c) Diabetes
d) Asthema
e) Hypertension 
IV. UnitPhysical Education & Sports for CWSN (Children With Special Needs) a) Concept of Disability & Disorder
b) Types of Disability, its causes & nature
c) Types of Disorder, its cause & nature.
d) Disability Etiquettes
e) Strategies to make Physical Activities available for children with special need. 
V. UnitChildren & Women in Sports a) Motor development & factors affecting it
b) Exercise Guidelines at different stages of growth & Development
c) Common Postural Deformities 
d)  Sports participation of women in India
VI. UnitTest & Measurement in Sports a)Motor Fitness Test 
b)Measurement of Cardiovascular Fitness
c)Rikli & Jones – Senior Citizen Fitness Test
VII. Unit Physiology & Injuries in Sports a) Physiological factor determining component of Physical Fitness
b) Effect of exercise on Cardio-Respiratory System
c) Effect of exercise on Muscular System
d) Sports injuries: Classification
e)  First Aid – Aims & Objectives
VIII. Unit Biomechanics & Sports a) Meaning and Importance of Biomechanics in Sports
b) Types of movements
c) Newton’s Law of Motion & its application in sports 
IX. UnitPsychology & Sports a) Personality; its definition & types – Trait & Types & Big Five Theory
b) Motivation, its type & techniques
c) Meaning, Concept & Types of Aggressions in Sports 
X. UnitTraining in Sports a) Strength 
b) Endurance
c) Speed
d) Flexibility
e) Coordinative Abilities

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