Class 5 Worksheet Maths

Want to come out like flying colors in your 5th Standard Maths examinations? Then thoroughly practicing Class 5 worksheets Maths can do wonders for you. Moreover, for scoring better it is very necessary. These worksheets for 5th Grade students like you are prepared under the guidance of expertise according to the latest syllabus and the board guidelines. Moreover, Class 5 Worksheet Maths is the guide for all the children who want to secure good marks and top grades easily. Practice more and more worksheets of 5th Class free of charge & ace up your preparation.

Class 5


IMO Class 5

Class 5 Maths

Class 5 Worksheet Maths

In this section, we will see some practice problems for 5th-grade students.

Question 1 :

Find the sum of the first 16 terms of the arithmetic series 5, 10, 15 . . .

(A) 490        (B) 230         (C) 510

Question 2 :

The incircle of triangle ABC touches BC at D, AC at E, and AB at F. Given AF = 3, BD = 4, and CE = 6, find the perimeter of triangle ABC

(A) 26        (B) 55        (C) 37

Question 3 :

Calculate 2 × 0 × 0 × 8 x 12  =

(A) 5     (B) 0         (A) 3

Question 4 :

Subtract 573.9246 – 215.6

(A) 320.1046        (B) 125.3246      (C) 358.3246

Question 5 :

Express 11/5 in decimal form

(A) 5.5          (B) 2.2             (C) 8.2

Question 6 :

The circle is having 14 cm in diameter. Then what will be the perimeter of the circle

(A) 25π        (B) 50π        (C) 14π

Question 7 :

The sum of the angles of a triangle is

(A) 180 degree        (B) 240 degree    (C) 360 degree

Question 8 :

Multiply 6a x 2a

(A) 8a       (B) 12a2         (C) 8a2

Question 9:

Divide 0.4096 ÷ 0.032

(A) 12.8         (B) 15.3           (C) 10.1

Question 10:

Reduce 45% into a fraction.

(A) 9/20       (B) 9/17         (C) 5/19

Advantages of Class 5 Maths Worksheets

  • By practicing the Class 5 Maths Worksheet, you can improve your problem-solving skills.
  • It helps you to develop your knowledge of the subject in an easy, fun, and interactive way.
  • There is no need for you to attend tuition or extra classes. As a result of your thorough practice on worksheets regularly.
  • Working on Class 5 worksheets are good for time-saving.
  • Helps you to promote hands-on learning.
  • One of the essential resources used for your classroom revision.
  • Class 5 Maths Workbook Helps you to polish your subject knowledge.
  • Class 5 Math Magic Worksheets promote numerous classroom activities.

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