NCERT Class5 Maths Worksheets

NCERT Class 5 Maths worksheets are very valuable for you child. It polishes their calculating and analyzing skills. NCERT Class 5 Maths Worksheets contain the following related concepts: 


Class 5 Maths

Class 5 Maths Worksheets

SN No.Chapters TitleWorksheet concepts
1.     The Fish TaleOne Lakh = One hundred thousand (100000)
1 metre = 100 centimetre.
Length of a whole shark = 18 meters.1 crore = One hundred lakh (10000000)
When a fish is dried, its weight becomes one-third, i.e.  3/3 = 1 kg
2.     Shapes and AnglesClosed Shape
Open Shape
Types of Angles
3. How Many Squares?Perimeter: Area of rectangle = length/breadth
Area of an irregular shape like footprints, palm, and so on, can be made by tracing it on a squared sheet of paper.
4. Parts and WholesThe flag of our country is in 3 equal parts.
One-third is saffron, another one-third is white and  the last one-third is green.
If the whole is bigger its part will also be big.
5. Does it look the same?When a picture is divided into two equal parts it is known as symmetrical shape.
6.   Be My Multiple, I will be Your Factor.Multiple: means to write the table of the given number.
Factor: A number that can be divided with another number exactly is called the factor of the 2nd  number.
7.   Can You See the Pattern?Clockwise turn: If you move the figure in the right direction (up, side, down), this is called a clockwise turn.
One arrow shows the 174th clockwise rotation or turn.
An anti-clockwise turn is when you move the figure in the left direction, it is called an anti-clockwise turn.
8.   Mapping Your WayScale: displays the relative distances on the map. 
Hexagon: A polygon with six sides.
9. Boxes and Sketches3-dimensional shapes are shapes having length, breadth, and height are three-dimensional shapes. Such as cubes, cuboids, boxes, so on.
2-dimensional shapes are those shapes having length and breadth only are two-dimensional shapes. Like a square, rectangle, etc.
10.   Tenths and HundredthsOne millimeter = 1/10 cm or 0.1 cm
How to convert each other?
11.   Area and its BoundaryRectangle:
Area of rectangle = Length x Breadth
Perimeter = 2 (length + breadth)
Area of square = Side x Side
Perimeter = 4 x Side
12.   Smart Charts 
13.   Ways to Multiply and DivideDividend = Quotient x Divisor + Remainder
If the remainder is zero then the divisor is the multiple of the dividend.
14.   How Big? How Heavy?1 kg = 1000 g 
A cube contains equal length, width, and height
Volume of cube = Edge x Edge x Edge 
Volume of cuboid = length x breadth x height

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