Artificial intelligence (AI) is now a part of our lives whether we know it or not, and whether we accept it or not. It has risen to such a status over the years in a slow but steady manner. Everything that we do like buying clothes and shoes on the internet as well as watching shows on TV is influenced to various extents by AI.  However, the question that needs to be asked in this context is what effect would this have on education?

Here are some benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Education which improves the learning experience:

1. Personalization

This is one of the benefits that AI is expected to have as far as education is concerned. In a class, it can get really difficult for a teacher to meet the expectations of each and every student out there. After all, there are so many different kinds of students that teachers have to deal with!

The beauty of AI systems is that they are able to adapt quite easily to the individual learning related requirements of a student.

As such it can also target instructions that are based on their relative strengths and weaknesses. It also reduces the meaningless work that teachers have to do every now and then. This also means that the learning experience is a lot more meaningful for the students.

2. Teaching

In fact, this is one effect that is already being seen evidently. AI is already being used in order to teach students.

AI In Education Benefits Of AI In The Classroom And Teaching

There are so many ways in which machines are starting to play the same role that was once being played by humans and this includes tutors as well. Just like human tutors can do, intelligent tutoring systems are able to understand the style of learning preferred by students. They are also able to gauge the amount of knowledge that a student already has. All this data and analysis is being used to deliver instructions and support that is created specifically for that student.

3. Grading

This has got to be the best benefit that AI can have in this particular domain.

These days, machines have become a lot more advanced than what they were earlier. They are now capable of performing a lot more than just grading an examination by using an answer key. They are capable of compiling data regarding how students have been performing. In fact, they can also grade on assignments that are as subjective as essays.

AI In Education Benefits Of AI In The Classroom And Teaching

4. Constructive feedback on course quality

Nowadays, AI has the capacity to find out gaps in course content on the basis of how students are performing in the assessments.  Let us say that most of the students in a class have failed to answer a question the right way.

Now AI can actually look into that pattern and see if certain information or concepts are missing from the program’s curriculum or not. This, in turn, can help teachers provide better materials or use better methods of learning so that students can improve in those areas.

5. Providing meaningful feedback to students

AI In Education Benefits Of AI In The Classroom And Teaching

This is the age when most of the people around the world are communicating by way of text messages. These days, students are also growing increasingly insecure about asking questions or clearing doubts with their teachers in front of their peers. For them, it is a risk better not taken.

They are also worried about receiving critical feedback on a public forum. By using AI students would be more comfortable when it comes to making mistakes that are necessary for them to learn well. As a bonus, they would also get the suggestions that they need in order to improve.

6. Creating a global classroom

AI In Education Benefits Of AI In The Classroom And Teaching

With AI it would be possible for schools to create global classrooms, as it were. From now on it would no longer matter as to where a student is. If she or he is unable to attend a class due to some reason or the other all she or he would need to do is visit a link, click on it, and the student can join the live classroom. Similarly, thanks to this technology it would also be possible for them to interact with their peers even if they were a thousand miles apart from each other.

Pros and Cons of AI in the classroom:

When it comes to the pros and cons of artificial intelligence, there are clearly more benefits. However, in order to fully gain from AI, a balance must be struck between the machines that optimize tasks and the people that use the machines. The aim of artificial intelligence in the classroom shouldn’t be to replace educators. It should make their jobs easier.

Conclusion :

Artificial Intelligence in the classroom, without a doubt, can be a huge help to effective teaching. It can help with various areas of teaching:

1. Take care of basic tedious tasks like grading the tests/assignments.

2. It can provide personalized education.

3. It can prove to be a handy assistant to the educator.

4. Procure accurate analysis of individualized student performances and help the ones who are struggling; to state a few of the many advantages of AI in education.

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