CBSE class 5 Science

CBSE class 5 science consists of the following list of chapters:


Olympiad Exam for class 5

Science Olympiad Class 5

 CBSE Class 5 Science syllabus

Chapter NoChapter Name
1.     ChapterSuper senses 
2.     ChapterA Snake Charmer’s story 
3.     ChapterFrom tasting to digesting
4.     ChapterMangoes around the year 
5.     ChapterSeeds and seeds
6.     ChapterEvery drop counts 
7.     ChapterExperiments with water
8.     ChapterA treat for mosquitoes 
9.     ChapterUp you go 
10. ChapterWalls tell stories
11. ChapterSunita in space 
12. ChapterWhat if it finishes..?
13. ChapterA shelter so high!
14. ChapterWhen the earth shook!
15. ChapterBlow hot, blow cold
16. ChapterWho will do this work?
17. ChapterAcross the wall
18. ChapterNo place for us?
19. ChapterA seed tells a Farmer’s story 
20. ChapterWhose forests?
21. ChapterLike Father, Like Daughter 
22. ChapterOn the move again 

Why CBSE  Prescribed Books?

Teachers and students of the CBSE board have a fondness for the NCERT books. However, teachers

and students of other boards also prefer these books. Reasons behind inclination

towards it are:

Easy Language – 

The way these books are written is commendable in how they deal with the most complex topics. It makes it easy to understand words. NCERT books are better to understand the subject by anyone. However, they create a clearer picture of the concept.

Accuracy –

 it is written by learned and experienced teachers and scholars as a result these are factually correct. Moreover, the facts and information jotted in the books are also collected from various sources. Therefore, giving accurate content. Hence, it is reliable, and there is a negligible chance of getting misinformed.

Detailed Content – 

NCERT books encompass a wide variety of concepts in the CBSE syllabus. Therefore, it can give a wider view of the subject as a whole. These books provide profound details of any question that helps you to get the precise facts that help you to score more marks.

Exercise in the Books – 

The exercise at the end of each lesson of all the books plotted by the NCERT is an integral part of the books. These exercises help you in preparing for the exams at hand. The activities encompass mostly the pattern laid out by the CBSE board and therefore make you ace all the questions related to the chapters.

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