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Education plays a vital role in long in and it prepares you for your future endeavors. So it should not be summed up as just about securing good grades. However, 5th Class is an essential time period for you to strengthen the skills you have learned in the primary sections even further in preparation for the higher standards. The NCERT Class 5 books play a major role in doing so.

5th Class of your primary education marks the changeover from the lower primary stage to the higher stages. At this stage, you are expected to be well prepared to grasp more complex concepts. Moreover, to train in the foundational courses of language, science, and humanities subjects. As prescribed by the National Council For Educational Research and Training (NCERT), as a child is promoted to the 5th class, the level of the books and the related exercises also elevates.

NCERT Class 5 Books: CBSE Syllabus

Important tips for using NCERT Class 5

As a student, for you, the NCERT for Class 5th is one of the imperative learning resources. Below mentioned are a few tips to use the NCERT 5th Class textbooks to aid in your study. 

  • Develop a habit of subject-related specific problem-solving strategies. Also, include the NCERT textbooks provided to measure your standard outcomes.
  • Use these NCERT books as a tool to check if you are on track or not. 
  • Use your NCERT books to understand the way in which tough questions are answered. It will help you in understanding the ways in which numerous types of questions must be answered to secure full marks in your examinations.

How to Study Effectively Using NCERT Books?

NCERT books are exquisite study materials that you can trust upon. Right now in the 5th standard, you must focus more on understanding the topics rather than just focusing on securing high grades.  Although good grades can be achieved by rote learning, making a better understanding of your habit and relating it will help you in real-life situations in the long run. Go through the points stated below for a good score and understanding better:

  • By thoroughly just going through the textbook once again, will help you to have a better understanding of the topics.
  • Ask your doubts and put across questions in the class to attain clarification then and there.
  • Go through the activities mentioned in the book and try them out with the help of your guardian and teachers.
  • NCERT books make learning easy and fun.
  • However, the NCERT aids in solving exercise questions, and if you are not able to answer any question, you can flip the pages and go back to the chapter and can easily find your answers. Also, it clears your concepts.
  • Try to inter-relate the concepts taught in class with real-life situations. By doing so you may find more questions and this will, in return, help you in understanding the topics and concepts better.

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