CBSE Class5 Maths Chapter1

After solving CBSE Class 5 Maths Chapter 1, You will be polished to draw fish with the help of triangles and squares. Furthermore, you will study to calculate distances covered in a particular mentioned time.


Class 5 Maths Study Material: Syllabus, Books, Marking Scheme

CBSE Class 5 Maths Chapter 1 encompasses a total of 28 questions, From them, a few are discussed below:

1.       Question 1:The first question is in a form of poetry specifically related to fish. 
2.       Question 2:   After attempting the second question, you will be well versed in drawing a fish using a square and triangle. 
3.       Question 3:  The third question will ask you to make a face with fish eyes. 
4.       Question 4 & 5:  4th Question encompasses imagination. In this, you have to think of the biggest fish in the world and its length, the answer to this is whale fish. The next Question demands you to find out how many times longer the big fish is than the small fish. 
5.       Question 6, 7, 8:  6th Question asks you to weigh a Class 5 student. Now, if a student’s weight is about 30 kgs. The next question will ask a total weight of 12 children having the same weight. 8th Question deals with how much the whale shark weighs in excess of the 12 children altogether. 
6.       Question 9, 10, 11, 12:  The first three questions will give an imagining adventure of a sea. Question 12 will teach you how high waves can go. 
7.       Question 13:  This Question states a situation and asks if the wind is helpful, a fishing boat can travel 4km in one hour. After solving Question 13, you will be eligible to find what duration a fishing boat takes to cover a distance of 10 km. 
8.       Question 15:  In this Question, you will learn how much distance a motorboat will require in three and a half hours at a speed of 20km/hour and how long it will take to cover the distance of 85 km. 
9.       Question 20:  After attempting this question, you will get to know the total collection of money every month and ten years if twenty women save twenty-five rupees each month.
10.    Question 21:  In this, you will learn to find out the total cost by multiplying the price of the mentioned item with the number of items. 
11.    Question 22:  It contains a ‘fill in the blanks’ type Question where you will be solving the given problems either by mathematical operations of multiplication or subtraction. 

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