NCERT Maths Class 5th Chapter 4- Parts and Wholes

NCERT Maths Class 5th Chapter 4- Parts and Wholes revolves around the concept of wholes and fractions. It majorly deals with proper;y representing and discovering fractions and their relationships as a whole. Several models are used for you to make you clear regarding how to divide a whole into equal parts and note the fractions for parts correctly.


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What NCERT Maths Class 5th Chapter 4- Parts and Wholes is about?

  • NCERT Maths Chapter 4 titled as Parts and wholes of 5th standard teaches you about the divisions of any individual shape or whole.
  • Parts and wholes class 5 notes consists of various methods and ways to bisect the shapes equally or unequally.
  • In this you will be motivated to think of what part of a day you are spending in various activities throughout your daily routine.
  • Moreover, you should be sensitive about those children who have to spend a huge part of their time in a day working or helping at their home.
  • However, you are also encouraged to seriously think about the parts of all the 12 months throughout a year.
  • A division can be in multiple numbers and can be equal or unequal at the same time.
  • There are many types of drawing activities that will let you learn how to divide the shapes and figures of numerous types. This chapter also enlightens you about equal parts of a triangle, six parts of a rectangle, etc.
  • Furthermore, some fill-in-the-blanks questions are also there in this chapter.
  • Coloring activities are also here in this session that help you in enhancing your creative skills.
  • Moreover, there are many other questions too including the match the following. This chapter also consists of a lot of activities that increase the understanding ability of the students.
  • Also, that will help you in solving questions related to this topic later in higher classes.

Sub-topics covered under Parts and Wholes:

  • Equal Parts: Two parts of a whole are denoted to be equal when they are the same and equal in size & value.
  • Unequal Parts: Two parts of a whole are denoted to be unequal when they do not match each other in relation to the size and value.

The NCERT Class 5 Maths, Chapter 4- Parts and Wholes consists of numerous examples and problems such as:

  1. Bhavesh has chocolate. He gave 1/3 to Subhash, 1/4 of it to Raj and 1/6 to Shri. He ate the remaining part. How many pieces of chocolate did each of them receive?
  2. Numerous shapes such as shapes of flags are used for the area models.
  3. Create patterns by marking some squares in the grids A, B, C, D. What part of the grid did you mark? What part of the grid remained unmarked? Write.

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