NCERT Class 5 Science

The NCERT Class 5 Science book is one of the most recommended textbooks that have a great amount of fondness among both the students and teachers. Class 5 is the stage in your child’s life where he or she experiences the transformation from an innocent child to the phase called adolescence. It is essential to provide them with good-quality textbooks that inject into them a desire to study and explore. 


Class 5 Science

Science Olympiad Class 5

The Class 5 NCERT Science book is among one of the greatest textbooks. These books are written by notable authors in an easy-to-understand language so that your child can comprehend and learn the subject efficiently. However, there are a few cases where your child might find it tough to grasp some concepts. A great source of remedy for studies is NCERT Class 5 Science textbook. It gives a large-scale chain of questions at the end of every chapter. This helps your child to understand and practice on a daily basis.

About Class 5 Textbook: “LOOKING AROUND”

  • The NCERT Science textbook for Class 5 encompasses 15 chapters. A few of these chapters attract more attention from the students as they seem to be very interesting.
  • A few such interesting units are – The Moon, Animal life, Safety, and First Aid, Natural calamities to mention a few.
  • However, NCERT books for Class 5 are the best source for gaining knowledge and precise study material for the students of 5th grade. 
  • Moreover, These textbooks provide an accurate description and clarification for all the queries and worries that might pop into the mind of the students while studying the subject.

NCERT Class 5 Science Syllabus

Chapter NoChapter Name
1. ChapterSuper senses 
2. ChapterA Snake Charmer’s story 
3. ChapterFrom tasting to digesting
4. ChapterMangoes around the year 
5. ChapterSeeds and seeds
6. ChapterEvery drop counts 
7. ChapterExperiments with water
8. ChapterA treat for mosquitoes 
9. ChapterUp you go 
10. ChapterWalls tell stories
11. ChapterSunita in space 
12. ChapterWhat if it finishes..?
13. ChapterA shelter so high!
14. ChapterWhen the earth shook!
15. ChapterBlow hot, blow cold
16. ChapterWho will do this work?
17. ChapterAcross the wall
18. ChapterNo place for us?
19. ChapterA seed tells a Farmer’s  story 
20. ChapterWhose forests?
21. ChapterLike Father, Like Daughter 
22. ChapterOn the move again 

What are the advantages of the NCERT Class 5 Science Books “Looking Around”?

The advantages of the NCERT Class 5 Science Book “ Looking Around” are –

1. The NCERT books are also available in PDF format with a free download option.

2. NCERT Books strictly adhere to the CBSE syllabus and exam pattern.

3. However, you can learn the chapter in both online and offline mode without any time limits.

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