Maths class 3 NCERT

Maths Class 3 NCERT contains the following syllabus: 


Class 3

Maths Olympiad for Class 3

Maths Class 3 NCERT syllabus of English Medium

BOOK Name: Maths Magic

 Chapter Number  Chapter Name
 1st Chapter Where to Look From?
 2nd Chapter Fun with Numbers
 3rd Chapter Give and Take
 4th Chapter Long and Short 
 5th Chapter Shapes and Designs
 6th Chapter Fun with Give and take 
 7th Chapter Time goes on
 8th Chapter Who is Heavier?
 9th Chapter How many times?
 10th Chapter Play with Patterns?
 11th Chapter Jugs and Mugs
 12th Chapter Can We Share?
 13th Chapter Smart Charts
 14th Chapter Rupees and Paise

Maths Class 3 NCERT syllabus of Hindi Medium

Book Name: गणित का जादू

 Chapter Number  Chapter Name
 1 अध्याय देखें किधर से
 2 अध्याय संख्याओं की उछल कूद
 3 अध्याय कुछ लेना कुछ देना
 4 अध्याय क्या लंबा क्या छोटा
 5 अध्याय आकृतिओं का कमाल
 6 अध्याय लेन देन का खेल
 7 अध्याय समय समय की बात
 8 अध्याय कौन किससे भारी?
 9 अध्याय बोलो भाई कितने गुना?
 10 अध्याय पैटर्न की पहचान
 11 अध्याय जग मग, जग मग
 12 अध्याय कैसे-कैसे बाँटे?
 13 अध्याय स्मार्ट चार्ट!
 14 अध्याय रुपए और पैसे

Class 3 Maths Marking Scheme

Name of the chapterName of the Examination
1st Chapter: Where to look from
2nd Chapter: Fun with numbers
3rd Chapter: Give and Take
4th Chapter: Long and short  
   Formative Assessment (FA-1) 20 Marks
5th Chapter: Shapes and design
6th Chapter: Fun with giving and take
7th Time goes on
  Formative Assessment (FA-2) 20 Marks
8th Chapter: Who is heavier   Summative Assessment (SA-1) 60 Marks
9th Chapter: How many times
10th Chapter: Play with patterns
11th Chapter: Jugs and mugs
12th Chapter: Can we share
   Formative Assessment (FA-3) 20 Marks
13th Chapter: Smart chart  Formative Assessment (FA-4) 20 Marks
14th Chapter: Rupees and paisa   
 Revision and Final Exam Summative Assessment (SA-2) 60 Marks

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