CBSE class 3

The CBSE class  3 Syllabus is planned in such a way that you can easily grasp the fundamental and basic concepts. So if you wish to get acknowledged in your academics then be aware of  Syllabus CBSE.


Olympiad Exam for class 3

CBSE Class 3 syllabus is divided into 4 major subjects such as English, Maths, EVS, Hindi.

 Class 3 syllabus overview Class 3
 Maths syllabus Class 3 maths
 English syllabus Class 3 English
 Hindi Syllabus Class 3 Hindi

CBSE Class 3 Syllabus For Other Subjects

Apart from the major subjects, CBSE also includes other subjects to improve your child’s various skills are:

CBSE Syllabus for G.K

General Knowledge Syllabus is mentioned below: 

 Serial Number Chapter Name
1.  Plant world
2.  Animal world
3.  Science and technology
4.  Sports
5.  India
6.  The animal kingdom
7.  Landmarks
8.  States and Capital
9.  Important days
10.  Festivals
11.  World Capitals
12.  Continents and Countries
13.  Wonders of India 

CBSE Class 3 Syllabus for Computer Science

CBSE 3rd Standard Computer Syllabus is mentioned below:

 Chapter Syllabus
 Computer Basics  a)    Introduction to computer
b)    Identify the parts of the computer
c)    Starting and shut down the computer
d)    Computer Room Étiquettes
e)    Identify the keys of the keyboard
f)     Do’s and Don’ts of while working on the computer
g)   Strengths and Limitation of Computer·   
 Fun With Paint Brush  a)    Introduction
b)    How to start Paintbrush
c)    Home Tab
d)    Pencil, Eraser, Fill with color, pick color, brush, Airbrush
e)    Text tool, Shapes, Magnifier 
 More About Paint Brush  a)    Selection-Rectangular Selection
b)    Freeform Selection
c)    View Menu
d)    Zoom In
e)    Zoom Out
f)     Full Screen 
 About Desktop and Computer Peripherals a)    Desktop
b)    Purpose of Desktop
c)    Identify the Icon on the Desktop
d)    Start button and Taskbar
e)    My computer 6. Recycle bin
f)     Input and Output devices
g)   Memory device
h)    CPU 

CBSE Class 3 Syllabus – Drawing Topics

The drawing topics of CBSE Class 3 are mentioned below:

 Serial Number Topics
1.       Colour Shading
2.      Frog On Mushroom
3.      Aeroplane With A View
4.      Colorful Snail
5.      Ice-Cream Shop
6.      Cute Dinosaur
7.      Two Happy Bees
8.      Different Houses
9.      Fairy Tale
10.   The Pink Elephant
11.   Caterpillar’s New Home
12.   Little Indian Mermaid

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