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Class 3 English Literature syllabus


1 Chapter: The Magic Garden

It will tell you about different flowers in a garden and the friendly relationship between flowers and children. 

2 Chapter: Nina and the Baby Sparrows

It revolves around Nina’s concern towards baby sparrows and how they will survive if she went to attend her aunt’s wedding.

3 Chapter: The Enormous Turnip

It will be a fun ride for you about a huge turnip that was difficult to pull out from the soil. 

4 Chapter: A Little Fish Story

It holds a small adventure story about a small fish’s wishes. 

5 Chapter: The Yellow Butterfly

This story showcases how Sonu first chased the yellow butterfly and but end up saving it from a spider. 

6 Chapter: The Story of the Road

A reflective piece that would make you aware of how to see ordinary things differently. 

7 Chapter: Little Tiger, Big Tiger

This holds a story of the mother tiger and baby tiger and the small tiger’s adventures. 

8 Chapter: My Silly Sister

This chapter is about various fun things that a baby does.

9 Chapter: He is My Brother

You will learn about kinship and bonding through the story. It teaches you, how the elder sister carries her brother on her back because he was finding it difficult to walk. 

10 Chapter: The Ship of the Desert

It is an informative story about camels, which are also called the ‘Ship of the Desert. You will get to know what camels eat and how do they survive in the desert. 


1.    Good Morning 

2.    Bird Talk 

3.    Little by Little 

4.    Sea Song 

5.    The Balloon Man 

6.    Trains

7.    Puppy and I 

8.    What’s in the Mailbox?

9.    Don’t Tell 

10. How Creatures Move 

CBSE Class 3 English Syllabus For Grammar

Class 3 Grammar Syllabus for English is mentioned below:

1 Unit – Prepositions

2 Unit – Nouns

3 Unit – Verbs

4 Unit – Tenses

5 Unit – Adjectives

6 Unit – Pronouns

7 Unit – Conjunctions

8 Unit – Adverbs

9 Unit – Punctuations

10 Unit – Antonyms & Synonyms

11 Unit– Vowels & Consonants

12 Unit – Animal sounds

13 Unit – Syllables

14 Unit – Story Writing

15 Unit– Silent Letters

16 Unit – Writing Composition

17 Unit– People and their work

18 Unit – Family relation vocabulary

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