class 3 maths

Class 3 maths syllabus consists of basic which will help your child to improve and secure better skills for higher standard studies. Class 3 maths concepts prepare a strong base for the further coming complexities of future classes.


Maths Olympiad for Class 3

Olympiad Exam for class 3

Maths syllabus for class 3

 Chapters  Topics 
 Numbers Digit Numbers
Representing 1000 On The Abacus
Place Value
Place Value And Expanded Form
Ordering Of Numbers
Odd And Even Numbers
Successor And Predecessor
Roman Numerals
 Addition Adding 4-Digit Numbers Without carrying Over
Digit Addition With carrying Over
Addition Of Three Or More Numbers
Properties Of Addition
 Subtraction Subtracting 4-Digit Numbers Without Borrowing
Digit Subtraction With Borrowing
Properties Of Subtraction
Addition And Subtraction
 Multiplication Properties Of Multiplication
Multiplying 3- And 4-Digit Numbers By A 1-Digit Number
Multiplying By 100, 200, 900
Multiplication Tables 11-20
Multiplying By 10, 20, 30, ., 90
Multiplying By A 2-Digit Number
Distributive Property Of Multiplication
 Division Division With Remainder
Properties Of Division
Dividing A 3-Digit Number By A 1-Digit Number
Dividing A 2-Digit Number By A 1-Digit Number
Relationship Between Divisor, Dividend, Quotient, And Remainder
 Fractions Fraction On The Number Line
Comparison Of Fractions
Equivalent Fractions
Fraction Of Collection Of Objects
Adding the Fraction With The Same Denominator
Addition Of Fractions On The Number Line
Subtraction Of Fractions With The Same Denominator
Subtraction On The Number Line
 Money  Conversion Of Rupees Into Paise
Conversion Of Paise To Rupees
Addition Of Money
Subtraction Of Money
Multiplication Of Money
 Metric Measures  Length
Conversion Of Length                      
Addition Of Length
Subtraction Of Length
Conversion Of Weight
Addition Of Weight
Subtraction Of Weight
Volume And Capacity
Conversion Of Volume And Capacity
Addition Of Volume And Capacity
Subtraction Of Volume And Capacity 
 Time The Calendar
The Clock
A.M And P.M
Conversion Of Time
 Geometry Point
Line Segment
Measuring Line Segments
Drawing Line Segments
Plane Figures
Solid Shapes
Faces, Edges, And Corners
 Pictographs  Pictographs

Benefits of Class 3 Maths Syllabus

  • Following the syllabus will assist you in better understanding the topics and concepts.
  • The chapters covered in the syllabus are in accordance with the
  • respective board guidelines.       
  • You can check more information about the mentioned topics by
  • preferring other reference books or surfing on the internet.     
  • The class 3 maths syllabus provides you with a precise
  • understanding of the subject and the various topics weightage helps you manage
  • carrying the time accordingly.

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