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The CBSE Class 2 English syllabus consists of topics that will enlighten your child about the basics of the English subject in a fun and interesting way. Class 2 English syllabus makes the English subject amicable for your child to learn.


English Olympiad for class 2


Syllabus For Grammar Class 2

English Syllabus for Grammar is as follows:

1st Unit – Adjectives

2nd Unit – Opposites

3rd Unit – Verbs

4th Unit – Nouns

5th Unit – Tenses

6th Unit – Pronouns

7th Unit – Preposition

8th Unit – Conjunction

9th Unit – Singular & Plural

10th Unit – Young one of the animals

11th Unit – Animal sound

12th Unit – Silent letters

13th Unit – Adverbs

14th Unit – Riddles

15th Unit – Articles

16th Unit – Picture Composition

English Literature Syllabus Class 2

Class 2 English contains two books of literature, are mentioned below:

1. Marigold

2. Raindrop

Scroll to find out the detailed syllabus of Marigold and Raindrop.

CBSE Class 2 Syllabus: Marigold

As per the Class 2 English Syllabus, the units included in Marigold that you will study are as follows:

 Units  Chapters
 1 Unit  First Day at School
Haldi’s Adventure
 2 Unit I am Lucky!
I Want 
 3 Unit A smile
The Wind and the Sun
 4 Unit  Rain
Storm in the Garden
 5 Unit  Zoo Manners
Funny Bunny
 6 Unit  Mr. Nobody
Curlylocks and the Three Bears
 7 Unit On My Blackboard I can Draw
Make it Shorter
 8 Unit  I am the Music Man
The Mumbai Musicians
 9 Unit  Granny Granny Please Comb my Hair
The Magic Porridge Pot
 10 Unit  Strange Talk
The Grasshopper and the Ant

Syllabus For Class 2: Raindrop

The chapters you will learn in Raindrop are mentioned below:

1: Action Song (Poem)

2: Our Day

3: My Family

4: What’s Going On?

5: Mohan, The Potter

6: Rain in Summer (Poem)

7: My Village

8: The Work People Do

9: Work (Poem)

10: Our National Symbols

11: The Festivals of India

12: The Monkey and The Elephant

13: Going to the Fair

14: Colours (Poem)

15: Sikkim

Syllabus For Other Subjects

Apart from the major subjects, your child will be also be introduced to other subjects in 2nd standard and they are as follows:

1.    General Knowledge

2.    Drawing

3.    Physical Education

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