Basic maths class 2

Basic Maths class 2 consists of topics that help your child to learn new concepts and how to apply them. It is essential for your child to understand these concepts as they are the base for the further coming topics of higher classes.


Class 2 Maths Syllabus

Class 2 Maths Question

Basic maths for class two includes chapters:


 3-D and 2-D shapes (13 hours) 1. Identifies the 3-D shapes including, cuboid, cylinder, cone, sphere by their names.
2. Tracing the 2-D outlines of 3-D objects. Identify by observing these 2-D shapes.
3. Identifies 2-D shapes such as rectangle, square, triangle, circle by their names.
4. Describe the properties of these 2-D shapes.
5. Identify and make straight lines by the methods of folding, straight-edged objects stretched strings, and drawing freehand using a ruler.
6. Draw freehand horizontal, vertical, and slant lines.
7. Distinguish between straight and curved lines.
8. Identifies objects by observing their shadows. 


ChapterSub- TopicsSyllabus
46 hoursa) Addition and Subtraction
b) Preparation for Multiplication & Division
c) Mental Arithmetic 
1. Read and write numerals for numbers up to 99.
2. Expands a number concerning place values.
3. Counts and regroups objects into ones and tens.
4. Use the concept of place value in the comparison of numbers.
5. Counts in various ways:– Starting from any number.– Group counting etc.
6. Arranges numbers up to a hundred in descending and ascending order.
7. Forms the greatest and the smallest two-digit numbers without and with repetition of given digits.
8. Indicate and identify the position of an object in a line.


Chapter  DurationSyllabus
3 hours1. Identifying currency – notes, and coins.
2. Putting together an amount of money not exceeding Rs 50/-.
3. Mentally, add and subtract small amounts of money.
4. Transacts the amount using notes between 3 to 4.


Chapter DurationSyllabus
13 hoursa) Length
b) Weight
c) Capacity (Volume)
d) Time

Data Handling

Chapter DurationSyllabus
6 hours1. Collects data through measurement.
2. Represents the data followed by discussion (e.g. heights of children).
3. Collects and presents the data on birthdays.
4. Draws inferences with the data at the appropriate level.


Chapter DurationSyllabus
10 hours1. Observes & extends patterns in the sequence of numbers and shapes.
2. Search for patterns in different ways of splitting a number.
3. Create block patterns using the method of stamping thumbprints, leaf prints, vegetable prints, etc.
4. Create patterns of regular shapes through stamping.

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