class 2 maths syllabus

The chapters included in the Class 2 Maths Syllabus are mentioned below:

Class 2 Maths Question


Math Olympiad for class 2

Class 2 Maths Syllabus
 Chapter Number Chapter Name
 1st Chapter What is Long, What is Round?
 2nd Chapter Counting in Groups
 3rd Chapter How Much Can You Carry?
 4th Chapter Counting in Tens
 5th Chapter Patterns
 6th Chapter Footprints
 7th Chapter Jugs and Mugs
 8th Chapter Tens and Ones
 9th Chapter·   ·  My Funday
 10th Chapter Add our Points
 11th Chapter·   ·  Lines and Lines
 12th Chapter Give and Take
 13th Chapter The Longest Step
 14th Chapter Birds Come, Birds Go
 15th Chapter How Many Ponytails?

Class 2 Maths syllabus summary of chapter

1 Chapter, What is long, what is round?:

The chapter will brief you regarding the shape and strength of different items. You need to identify objects according to the specified parameters.

2 Chapter, Counting in groups: 

This chapter introduces you to the concept of pair. Examples consist of shoes and earrings. It also includes the concept of identification of more or less.  

3 Chapter, How much can you carry: 

The pictorial representation shows how to determine the weight of an object. Practice exercise includes identification and comparison. 

4 Chapter, Counting in tens: 

It teaches you the addition and subtraction of figures in tens.

5 Chapter, Patterns: 

The chapter consists of elementary steps of analytical reasoning were similarities in designs and shapes you have to locate. 

6 Chapter, Footprints: 

In this chapter, you will again revise your identification skills. Practice exercise including matching of footprints with the animals respectively. Also, shapes will be given, and you have to write the names.

7 chapter, Jugs and Mugs: 

It is a narrative of pieces that make you familiar with the regular items we use in our day-to-day life.

8 Chapter, Tens and Ones:

 It briefs you regarding the concept of the place value of digits. In this chapter, only tens and ones are considered.

9 Chapter, My Funday: 

The concept of different days in a week is amassed in this chapter. The difficulty level of practice exercise is subtle higher where you have to magnify what comes before and after a given day. 

10 Chapter, Add our points: 

This chapter introduces you to elements of mental mathematics.

11 Chapter, Lines, and lines: 

Numerous positions of lines are explained like standing lines, sleeping lines, and slanting lines. Moreover, curved lines, etc.

12 Chapter, Give and take: 

Addition and subtraction of higher numbers are shown to you with the help of counting beads.

13 Chapter, The longest step: 

It introduces you to distance and length.

14 Chapter, The bird comes, the bird goes:

 The exercise consists of different aspects such as patterns, counting, carry over addition, etc.

15 Chapter, How many ponytails?: 

It has short comprehension passages on numbers, and you have to answer the questions.

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