CBSE Class 2 English

CBSE Class 2 English syllabus consists of chapters that will enlighten you about the basics of the English subject in a fun and interesting way. Class 2 English syllabus makes English easier for you to learn.


Olympiad Exam for class 2

English Olympiad for class 2

Class 2 English Syllabus

Class 2 English contains two books of literature, which are mentioned below:

1. Marigold

2. Raindrop

Scroll down to find out the elaborated syllabus of Marigold and Raindrop.

CBSE Class 2 English Syllabus: Marigold

As per the Class 2 English Syllabus, the units included in Marigold that you will be studying are listed below:

Class 2 English Syllabus: Marigold
1st UnitFirst Day at SchoolHaldi’s Adventure
2nd UnitI am Lucky! I Want
3rd UnitA Smile The Wind and the Sun
4th UnitRainStorm in the Garden
5th UnitZoo MannersFunny Bunny
6th UnitMr. NobodyCurlylocks and the Three Bears
7th UnitOn My Blackboard I can DrawMake it Shorter
8th UnitI am the Music ManThe Mumbai Musicians
9th UnitGranny Granny Please Comb my HairThe Magic Porridge Pot
10th UnitStrange TalkThe Grasshopper and the Ant

Syllabus For Class 2 English: Raindrop

The chapters you will be learning in Raindrop are listed below:

1: Action Song (Poem)

2: Our Day

3: My Family

4: What’s Going On?

5: Mohan, The Potter

6: Rain in Summer (Poem)

7: My Village

8: The Work People Do

9: Work (Poem)

10: Our National Symbols

11: The Festivals of India

12: The Monkey and The Elephant

13: Going to the Fair

14: Colours (Poem)

15: Sikkim

English Syllabus For Grammar

Grammar CBSE Class 2 English Syllabus is as follows:

Grammar Syllabus for Class 2 English
1st UnitAdjectives
2nd UnitOpposites
3rd UnitVerbs
4th UnitNouns
5th UnitTenses
6th UnitPronouns
7th UnitPreposition
8th Unit Conjunction
9th UnitSingular & Plural
10th UnitYoung one of the animals
11th UnitAnimal sound
12th UnitSilent letters
13th UnitAdverbs
14th Unit Riddles
15th UnitArticles
16th UnitPicture Composition

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