Class 2 maths question

You have to prepare in accordance with the latest 2021 syllabus planned by the authorities. You need to score good marks with efficient practice. Solving the class 2 maths question, You can become familiar with question paper patterns and form a smooth base for further studies.

Olympiad Exam for class 2


Math Olympiad for class 2

You need to be very well versed in these fundamental concepts to secure better marks in the exams. Learning doesn’t have to be tiring or boring. You can make it exciting and effective learning of concepts. And practicing maximum class 2 maths questions is one of the key factors for you to develop an affinity with Maths. 


Benefits of class 2 math question

  • Math questions help you understand how to write a solution step-by-step.
  • It helps you polish your basics, which will further help you to higher standards.
  • Step marking is explained well in the case of mathematics. 
  • Moreover, the marking scheme of CBSE deals with step marking. That means even if you cannot reach a solution, you can score better through step marking.
  • Solving the maximum number of class 2 math question will help you secure higher marks.

Syllabus of CBSE for Class 2 Maths

CBSE refers to NCERT books to follow the exam paper pattern. Hence students should follow a similar pattern. Maths for Class 2 covers every topic, as mentioned according to CBSE guidelines.

Below is the Syllabus Covered in the Class 2 Math question

  • Introduction to the Numbers
  • Addition and subtraction of three-digit numbers
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Lines and Plane Shapes
  • Number System
  • Measurement of weight, length, and capacity
  • Solid Shapes
  • Money
  • Pictographs
  • Time

For the first time students, become familiar with the concept of three-digit numbers in Class 2. Geometry becomes tough as proper length, weight, and capacity measurement is introduced. Students need to follow appropriate knowledge and skill of visualizing the logic behind the concepts. 


Class 2 maths question serves as a guidebook for you to have a good base in mathematics from the very initial stage of studies. Maths is a practical subject that deals with logic, not only mugging up. However, you should never underestimate its conceptual-based questions which will surely aid you in the future. It is good for you to solve the maximum number of maths questions for Class 2. 

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