class 2 NCERT maths

Class 2 NCERT maths syllabus is as follows:


IMO class 2

Basic maths class 2


 Chapter Number  Chapter Name
 1st Chapter What is Long, What is Round?
 2nd ChapterCounting in Groups
 3rd ChapterHow Much Can You Carry?
 4th ChapterCounting in Tens
 5th ChapterPatterns
 6th ChapterFootprints
 7th ChapterJugs and Mugs
 8th ChapterTens and Ones
 9th ChapterMy Funday
 10th ChapterAdd our Points
 11th ChapterLines and Lines
 12th ChapterGive and Take
 13th ChapterThe Longest Step
 14th ChapterBirds Come, Birds Go
15th chapter How Many Ponytails?

Why prefer NCERT?

  • The NCERT syllabus mainly focuses on making their books student-friendly for your kid.
  •  NCERT makes it beneficial for both the students and the aspirants of competitive exams.
  • The book includes a Maths course based on the syllabuses of various boards.
  • The NCERT Maths Books Class 2 is fully compatible with almost all the central boards and Indian education states.
  • NCERT keeps on updating their  Maths books at a short interval of time with the help of the latest question papers. 

Download NCERT Books Class 2 In PDF Format

a) 1st Step: Jump to NCERT’s official website i.e

b)   2nd Step: Go to the “Publications” and choose “PDF (I-XII)” from the drop list.

c)  3rd Step: Choose Class, then Subject, and Book Title from the drop list.

d)  4th Step: Click on the “Go” button.

e) 5th Step: Select the “Download complete book” option on the bottom left corner of the screen. A zip file will be downloaded.

f) 6th Step: To read any chapter, select the “Open” link beside the chapter you wanted to read. Your opted chapter will be displayed on the screen.

g)  7th Step: To download or print chapters, click on the download or print button on top of the chapter viewer.

Benefits of class 2 math NCERT question

  • Math questions help you understand how to write step-by-step solutions.
  • It helps you improve your basics, which will further aid you in higher standards.
  • Step marking is elaborated well concerning the maths. 
  • However, the marking scheme of the CBSE deals in step marking. That means even if you cannot find a solution, you can score better with the help of step marking.
  • Solving the maximum number of class 2 maths questions will help secure higher marks in exams.

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