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International Mathematics Olympiad renowned as IMO is a competitive exam annually conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation with the motive of implanting mathematical skills among the students. However, IMO class 2 is considered one of the best exams to help your child build a great mathematical intelligence for their higher education.


Class 2 syllabus

IMO olympiad


Basic syllabus for IMO exams

The International Mathematics Olympiad i.e. IMO Class 2 is bifurcated into 4 sections having 35 questions which carry a total of 40 marks.

The syllabus for International Maths Olympiad is bifurcated into four sections for each standard starting from 1st standard to 10th standard. The motive behind this division is to ensure that the pattern in which the paper is represented in an easy-to-find way. The sub-topics are divided strictly and specifically according to the standard in which your child is and the Mock Tests and Sample Papers are also provided for the same.

Four Sections in papers are:

a)  Section 1 consists of questions in relation to the Patterns, classifications, analogies, etc. However, from the 6th standard onwards, it contains questions related to Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

b)  Section 2 is the Mathematical Reasoning section in which questions are related to the topics relevant to that class.

c)  Moving ahead towards  Section 3. It is the Everyday Mathematics section in this syllabus is the same as in section 2. However, the questions are more of the type of Everyday Mathematics and not of much reasoning.

d)  Section 4 is related to the Achievers Section. This section consists of questions based on the topics of Section 2 as well. But the level of questions is more advanced. It is recommended to start this section only after you have completed the other three sections.

IMO Class 2 syllabus

1)      Section – 1: Patterns, Geometrical Shapes, Analogy, Ranking Test, Measuring Units,  Grouping of Figures, Coding-Decoding, Embedded Figures Odd One Out.

2)      Section – 2: Numerals, Number Names, and Number Sense, Length, Weight, Capacity, Time, Temperature, Money, Lines, Shapes and Solids, Pictographs, Patterns, Computation Operations.

3)      Section – 3: Syllabus as per Section – 2.

4)      Section – 4:  Syllabus as per Section – 2 of Higher Order Thinking Questions.

Marking Scheme of IMO Sample Papers Class 2

Topic/ SectionMarks per QuestionNo. of QuestionsTotal Marks
Logical Reasoning11010
Mathematical Reasoning11010
Everyday Mathematics11010
Achievers Section2510
Grand Total3540

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