class 3

Class 3 consists of basic subjects including English, Maths, and Hindi, etc. The main agenda of the school is to provide and prepare students for their high-level education. This is done by polishing your child’s skills at the elementary level in primary school.


Class 3 maths

Class 3 English

Olympiad Exam for class 3

Class 3 English Chapters List

1st UnitGood Morning 
The Magic Garden
2nd UnitBird Talk 
Nina and the Baby Sparrows
3rd UnitLittle by Little 
The Enormous Turnip
4th UnitSea Song 
A Little Fish Story
5th UnitThe Balloon Man 
The Yellow Butterfly
6th UnitTrains 
The Story of the Road
7th UnitPuppy and I
Little Tiger, Big Tiger
8th UnitWhat’s in the Mailbox? 
My Silly Sister
9th UnitDon’t Tell 
He is My Brother
10th UnitHow Creatures Move 
The Ship of the Desert

Class 3 Hindi Syllabus Chapters List

Chapter NumberChapter Name
1 कक्कू
2 शेखीबाज़ मक्खी
3चाँद वाली अम्मा
4मन करता है
5बहादुर बित्तो
6हमसे सब कहते
8बंदर बाँट
9कब आऊ
10क्योंजीमल और कैसे कैसलिया
11मीरा बहन और बाघ
12जब मुझे साँप ने काटा
13मिर्च का मजा
14सबसे अच्छा पेड़


Class 3 Maths Syllabus Chapters List

1.  Where to Look From

2.  Fun With Numbers

3.  Give and Take

4.  Long and Short

5.  Shapes and Designs

6.  Fun With Give and Take

7.  Time Goes On

8.  Who is Heavier?

9.  How Many Times?

10. Play With Patterns

11. Jugs and Mugs

12. Can We Share?

13. Smart Charts!

14. Rupees and Paise


Class 3 EVS Syllabus Chapters List

1 Chapter. Poonam’s Day out

2 Chapter. The Plant Fairy

3 Chapter. Water O’ Water!

4 Chapter. Our First School

5 Chapter. Chhotu’s House

6 Chapter. Foods We Eat

7 Chapter. Saying without Speaking

8 Chapter. Flying High

9 Chapter. It’s Raining

10 Chapter. What is Cooking

11 Chapter. From Here to There

12 Chapter. Work We Do

13 Chapter. Sharing Our Feelings

14 Chapter. The Story of Food

15 Chapter. Making Pots

16 Chapter. Games We Play

17 Chapter. Here comes a Letter

18 Chapter. A House Like This

19 Chapter. Our Friends – Animals

20 Chapter. Drop by Drop

21 Chapter. Families can be Different

22 Chapter. Left-Right

23 Chapter. A Beautiful Cloth

24 Chapter. Web of Life

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