class 3 mathematics

Class 3 mathematics deals with numerous concepts that will polish your mental aptitude and speed in solving with numbers.


Class 3

Maths Olympiad for Class 3

 Summary of class 3 mathematics chapters

Chapter 1 – Where to Look From?

This chapter consists of how you view an object from various sides, like from the top of the side.

Chapter 2 – Fun with Numbers:

The ‘Fun with Numbers’ covers the counting of numbers. The Mathematics Sums for Class 3 contains word problems on addition and subtraction, number, and units. 

Chapter 3 – Give and Take:

This section encompasses an essential concept of addition. You will learn quite a few techniques through which you can easily and quickly calculate the sum.

Chapter 4 – Long and Short:

The ‘Long and Short’ chapter includes the different length units, including centimeters, meters, and kilometers.

Chapter 5 – Shapes and Designs:

Under the ‘Shapes and Designs’ chapter, you will be studying shapes, edges, and corners. It will also improve your mental aptitude.

Chapter 6 – Fun with giving & Take:

This chapter completely deals with addition and subtraction.

Chapter 7 – Time Goes on:

As the name of the chapter denotes, that it is all about time. You will learn about seconds, minutes, and hours. This chapter also consists of the concept of a calendar which includes days, weeks, months, and years.

Chapter 8 – Who is Heavier?

The ‘Who is Heavier’ chapter is all about weights and balance. It has solved examples, stories, puzzles, etc.

Chapter 9 – How Many Times?

The ‘How many times?’ covers multiplication. You will learn about the connection between multiplication and addition through puzzles in class 3 mathematics.

Chapter 10 – Play with Patterns:

In the ‘Play with Patterns’ chapter, you will learn about patterns and sequences.

Chapter 11 – Jugs and Mugs:

This chapter is all about measurements.

Chapter 12 – Can We Share?

This is the chapter that will cover division. Apart from the introduction, it also includes some word problems and puzzles that will be interesting to solve.

Chapter 13 – Smart Charts:

The Smart Charts chapter is about visual data representation. You will learn about what are smart charts and how you will use them to depict any form of data.

Chapter 14 – Rupees and Paise:

This chapter covers currencies. Indian currency is rupees and paise. You will also learn about the numerous types of notes and coins that are available in the country. The exercises given in this chapter will have some word problems as well.

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