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Maths NCERT class 3 syllabus is mentioned below:


CBSE Class 3 English

Olympiad Exam for class 3

Syllabus and summary of Maths NCERT class 3

 Chapter Number  Chapter Name Summary of Chapters
 1st Chapter Where to Look From?This chapter contains the concept of how you view an object from numerous sides. 
 2nd Chapter Fun with NumbersIt is related to the counting of numbers. Like word problems on addition and subtraction, number, and units.
 3rd Chapter Give and TakeThis chapter consists of an essential concept of addition. Techniques through which you can easily calculate the sum. 
 4th Chapter Long and Short This is about the different length units, including centimeters, meters, and kilometers.
 5th Chapter Shapes and DesignsIn this chapter, you will learn shapes, edges, and corners. 
 6th Chapter Fun with Give and take This section deals with addition and subtraction.
 7th Chapter Time goes onIt is all about time. In this, you will learn about seconds, minutes, and hours. This chapter is also about the concept of a calendar which includes days, weeks, months, and years. 
 8th Chapter Who is Heavier?Its concept is about weights and balance. It has solved examples, stories, puzzles, etc. 
 9th Chapter How many times?It covers multiplication. You will gain an understanding of the connection between multiplication and addition through puzzles. 
 10th Chapter Play with Patterns?It will make you learn patterns and sequences.
 11th Chapter Jugs and MugsThis is all about measurements. 
 12th Chapter Can We Share?This chapter covers division. Moreover, it also includes some word problems and puzzles that will be interesting to solve. 
 13th Chapter Smart ChartsThis is about visual data representation. You will study what are smart charts and how to use them to depict any form of data. 
 14th Chapter Rupees and PaiseThis chapter revolves around currencies. Indian currency is rupees and paise. You will also study the numerous types of notes and coins that are available in the country. 

Benefits of class 3 math NCERT question

  1. NCERT Maths helps you understand how to form step-by-step solutions.
  1. It helps you work on basics, which will further help you in higher standards.
  2. Step marking is explained well in the NCERT.
  1. However, the marking scheme of the CBSE follows the step marking pattern. That means even if you have not found a solution, still you can score satisfactory with the help of step marking.


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