NSO class 3

NSO Class 3 is one of the more acknowledged Science Olympiads. NSO is conducted in two levels. Only the top 5% of students are able to clear level 1 and gets qualify for level 2. 



IMO sample papers for class 2

Maths Olympiad for Class 3

National Science Olympiad i.e (NSO) Workbooks are slated to make you aware of the type of questions you will be facing in Olympiad exams. The Workbook consists of a chapter-wise multiple choice question (MCQs) bank following the Achievers Section and logical reasoning following the Hints and explanation at the end of the workbook. 

However, The NSO Olympiad book also holds the latest Olympiad exam paper along with hints to give you the upcoming NSO Olympiad exam sketch. An OMR sheet is also provided with exercises so that you can practice forming answers.

NSO class 3 syllabus

Total number of Questions: 35

Time Duration awarded: 1 hour

1 Section: Patterns, Coding-Decoding, Mirror Images, Embedded Figures, Alphabet Test, Ranking Test, Grouping of Figures, Analogy, and Classification, Figure Matrix, Days and Dates & Possible Combinations, Geometrical Shapes.

2 Section: Plants and Animals, Birds, Food, Housing, Transport, Communication, and Safety Rules, Human Body, Clothing and Occupation, Earth and Universe, Matter and Materials, Our Environment, Light, Sound, and Force.

3 Section: Higher Order Thinking Questions – Syllabus is as per section 2.

Marking Scheme of NSO (National Science Olympiad)

1st to 4thLogical Reasoning10110
Mathematical Reasoning10110
Everyday Mathematics10110
Achievers Section5210
 Grand Total35 40
    5th to 10thLogical Reasoning15115
Mathematical Reasoning20120
Everyday Mathematics10110
Achievers Section5315
 Grand Total50 60
   11th & 12thLogical Reasoning15115
Mathematical Reasoning /Applied Mathematics20120
Everyday Mathematics10110
Achievers Section5315
 Grand Total50 60


  • Questions in level-I Olympiad examinations will be of 60% from the current class syllabus and 40% from your previous class syllabus
  • Questions in level-II Olympiad exams will be asked from current class syllabus only.
  • ACHIEVERS SECTION questions will be asked from the current class syllabus.


SOF NCO will be conducted on two dates mentioned below:

A school may opt for any one date to conduct the SOF NCO in accordance with their convenience.

FIRST DATE – 1st & 2nd January 2022

SECOND DATE  – 29th & 30th January  2022

Dates of exams might change depending on the impact of COVID-19 on the functioning of schools.

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