Class 5 Maths Chapters

class 5 math chapters will enlighten you regarding the following chapters and their summaries.


Class 5 Maths Study Material: Syllabus, Books, Marking Scheme

Class 5 Maths Chapters are:

1st Chapter: The Fish Tale

  1. Learning the rule of multiplication to calculate the Weight of Fishes caught.
  2. Calculating the distance traveled by boat.
  3. Calculating the money boats earn by selling fish and prawns

2nd Chapter: Shapes and Angles

  1. What is the angle between the arm and hand?
  2. How to make equal angles?

3rd Chapter: How Many Squares

1.  How to draw squares from a given set of dots?

2.  Questions related to measuring sides of squares

4th Chapter: Parts and Whole

1.  Concept of wholes and fractions.

2.  Precisely representing and discovering fractions and their relationships as a whole.

5th Chapter: Does it Look the Same?

  1. Forming numerous types of patterns and their comparison
  2. Understanding the shapes of various patterns
  3. Switching the position of figures and alphabets and comparing them

6th Chapter: Multiple, I’ll be Your Factor

  1. Skipping 2 or 3 or more numbers and making the series of it.
  2. Find numbers divided by 2, 3, or 4.
  3. In the sequence, write the multiples of a number.
  4. Finding the lowest common multiples, etc.

7th Chapter: Can You See The Pattern

To identify the patterns for a given block:

1.     Repeat it with one-fourth turn.

2.     Repeat it with a three-fourth turn

3.     Repeat it with a half-turn.

8th Chapter: Mapping Your Way

1.     Highlights the various shapes such as hexagons, pentagons, triangles and other shapes.

2.     Moreover, figuring out the various distances between places

9th Chapter: Boxes and Sketches

Explains different shapes of boxes along with their drawing.

10th Chapter: Tenths and Hundredths

The idea of how temperatures can be measured at two different times of the day.

11th Chapter: Area and its Boundary

1.     Make use of different strategies such as using tokens, stamps, etc.

2.     To compare the area of things

12th Chapter: Smart Charts

1.     Use of tally marks to record data of a variety of things with larger numbers.

2.     Use of various charts and bar graphs.

13th Chapter: Ways to Divide and Multiply

You will get familiar with multiplication and division.

14th Chapter: How Big How Heavy

Different methods and units for weighing and measurements.

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