The IEO program is designed to assess students’ critical English abilities. The prospectus for IEO is consistent from one grade to the next. However, the level of complication varies. The students can also prepare for their Olympiad by going through the previous years’ International English Olympiad class 2 papers along with other sample papers. Meanwhile, this blog will walk you through the IEO English Olympiad Class 2 curriculum.

Olympiad Exam for class 2

English Olympiad for class 2

Class 2 English syllabus

CBSE Class 2 English

IEO English Olympiad Class 2 Syllabus

The IEO English Olympiad Class 2 syllabus comprises the basics of grammar, especially nouns, pronouns, adjectives, synonyms, animal name recognition, and much more.

Section 1: Collocations, Correct spelling, Synonyms, Antonyms, and Phrases Keywords Relating to Wildlife, Phrases, Idiomatic expressions, Nouns, Pronouns, Participles, Adverbials, Adjectives, Articles, Parts of speech, Conjunctions, Contractions, Word Structure, Punctuation, Tenses
Section 2: Find and extract information from diverse text forms such as tales, brief conversations, and so on. Acquire a wide comprehension of, and search for, particular information in brief texts such as messages, invites, and so on.
Section 3: Understanding of situational differences in tasks such as appreciating, welcoming, asking permission, introducing (themselves), and so forth.
Section 4: Logical Reasoning Questions – Syllabus from Sections 1, 2, and 3.

Comprehension Passage

Pupils have to recollect facts presented in succinct statements that are related to the questions presented and pick the correct answer. Children will work on improving their reading abilities and locating information in a shorter passage.

Nouns and Pronouns

A pupil would select the pronouns in a phrase or complete in the blanks with the right set of pronouns among the choices accordingly.
A child would have to distinguish the noun(s) referenced in a statement and select the proper option in this segment. Students could easily enhance overall understanding of nouns by reviewing the IEO Syllabus for Class 2 Previous Years’ Problems.

Verbs and Adverbs

Students have to identify the adverb utilized from one of the points raised. You might have to select the appropriate adverb from the table and complete the blanks. The verb-related questions will be similar, most likely in the form of image-based questions. By practicing at School Connect Olympiad now, you can obtain a proper preparation of the English Olympiad for Class 2 using fundamental grammar principles.

Antonyms and Synonyms

In this section, you will be given a word in the form of a question with four alternative replies explicitly. Because antonyms represent the inverse of a word’s meaning, the student must ascertain the opposite of the definition of a word.
In this part, a statement will be displayed with various synonym possibilities to choose from based on its context generally. Following that, one of the alternatives will be right. In this context, students will need to comprehend and retain the meaning of a variety of expressions in order to respond effectively.

Logical Reasoning and Tenses

All topics from this part will be covered in the higher-level thinking tasks. To understand the various limits as well as to answer the questions, a combination of general facts will be required.

Meanwhile, the tenses section will examine pupils in Class 2’s knowledge of the simple tense. Eventually, to determine the right meaning of the phrase, they must identify the appropriate tense form.

Preposition and Punctuations

The students will be asked to pick the correct preposition depending on the sentence as well as bridge the gap between them accordingly. However, check previous years’ papers as well as practice them for understanding the pattern of the preposition-related topics. 
To establish a suitable connotation for a given sentence, the proper one should be chosen from among all of the options accordingly. This type of question could not only test the candidates’ knowledge of punctuation but also enhance their grammar skills.

Spellings and Collocation

The spelling section will not only examine potential candidates’ ability to accurately spell particular words but also help them learn new words. There will be several spellings for the same phrase basically. One of the options will be right as a result, and the student must determine which one it is. All in all, the IEO Class 2 sample papers will provide you with the necessary information to understand and practice.
Collocations are terms that are used together by trained individuals to explain things or an occurrence in such a manner that the recipient perceives it to be authentic and comprehensive. For instance, the term “fast food” refers to something that can be prepared quickly. In conclusion, it seems normal to the user.

IEO English Olympiad Class 2 Marking Scheme

1st to 4thWord and Structure Knowledge30130
Spoken and Written Expression
Achievers Section5210
Grand Total3540

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