class 2 English syllabus

Class 2 is an imperative stage for your child’s life. As it is their second year of mature studies. Your child faces a 360-degree transition from playful kindergarten into the world of broad learning. As per the class 2 English syllabus NCERT, it is slated that your child also needs to read poems along with the process in English. Under the Poems section, there are various including genres- animal poems, bird poems, poems on nature, etc. 


Class 2

CBSE Class 2 English syllabus

Class 2 English Syllabus NCERT consists of 2 books in English Literature, namely:

1. Marigold

2. Raindrop


 Class 2 English Syllabus NCERT:


As per the Class 2

English Syllabus, in Marigold that you will be studying:

 Unit Poem Name
 1st Unit First Day at School 
 2nd Unit  I am Lucky!
 3rd Unit  A Smile
 4th Unit  Rain
 5th Unit  Zoo Manners
 6th Unit  Mr. Nobody
 7th Unit  On My Blackboard I can Draw 
 8th Unit  I am the Music Man
 9th Unit  Granny Granny Please Comb my Hair
 10th Unit  Strange Talk
 Unit  Prose Name
 1st Unit Haldi’s Adventure 
 2nd Unit  Want
 3rd Unit  The Wind and the Sun 
 4th Unit  Storm in the Garden 
 5th Unit  Funny Bunny 
 6th Unit  Curly locks and the Three Bears 
 7th Unit  Make it Shorter
 8th Unit  The Mumbai Musicians 
 9th Unit  The Magic Porridge Pot 
 10th Unit  The Grasshopper and the Ant 


There are 4 poems and the rest 11 are Prose

 Chapter Poem Name
 1 Chapter Action Song (Poem) 
6 ChapterRain in Summer (Poem) 
9 Chapter Work (Poem) 
14 Chapter Colors (Poem) 
ChaptersProse Name
 2 Chapter Our Day 
 3 Chapter My Family 
 4 Chapter  What’s Going On? 
 5 Chapter Mohan, The Potter 
 7 Chapter My Village 
 8 Chapter The Work People Do 
 10 Chapter Our National Symbols 
 11 Chapter The Festivals of India 
 12 Chapter The Monkey and The Elephant 
 13 Chapter Going to the Fair 

English Syllabus  NCERT For Grammar

Class 2 Grammar English Syllabus is as follows:

1st UnitAdjectives
2nd UnitOpposites
3rd UnitVerbs
4th UnitNouns
5th UnitTenses
6th UnitPronouns
7th UnitPreposition
8th Unit Conjunction
9th UnitSingular & Plural
10th UnitYoung one of the animals
11th UnitAnimal sound
12th UnitSilent letters
13th UnitAdverbs
14th Unit Riddles
15th UnitArticles
16th UnitPicture Composition

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