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Well before jumping into the pool of NTSE examination, it is mandatory for a candidate to have detailed information regarding the safety and how to swim in that pool without drowning. The applicant should be aware of the exam pattern planned by the conducting body i.e. NCERT.

Moreover, the aspirant should gather some tips and tricks required for smart work along with the hard work for cracking the NTSE exam.

NTSE Exam Question papers

Syllabus of NTSE

Usually, the syllabus of the National Talent Search Examination includes the basics of the 9th and 10th standards. Moreover, there is no predefined course of NTSE but as per the experts’ observations and the previous years’ question papers the following syllabus is prepared: 

About NTSE Exam

MAT (Mental Ability Test) syllabus for NTSE

NTSE’s first stage that is State level examination is slated to test the analytical skills and logical reasoning of the NTSE candidates.

        Verbal and Non Verbal Analogy         Verbal and Non-Verbal Series
 Classification Coding-decoding
 Distance and Direction Blood Relations
 Alphabet and Number Test Ranking and Arrangements
 Venn Diagrams Mathematical Operations
 Calendar, Time, and clock Missing
 Embedded Figures Paper Cutting and Folding
 Cube,  Mirror Images, and Dice & Water Words Problems

SAT (Scholastic Ability Test) syllabus for NTSE

SAT has two parts under heads including– Language Test and Science, Social science & Maths. The SAT is plotted to examine students for their academic knowledge, reading skills, application skills, etc. The detailed syllabus for each of the parts of SAT is as follows:

NTSE Stage 1


Language Test syllabus for NTSE

 Antonyms and Synonyms Basic Rules of Grammar
 Sentence Completion Filling the Gaps
 Comprehensive Reading Paragraph Completion
 One Word Substitution Rearrangements of Jumbled Words

Science syllabus for NTSE

Magnetism and ElectricityAcid, Bases, SaltAir, Water, Soil
MeasurementsPeriodic Classification of ElementsMicro-organisms
Motion and ForceMetals and Non-MetalsReproduction
Work and EnergyStructure of AtomLife Processes
Light and SoundPhysical and Chemical ChangesHeredity and Evolution
The UniverseCarbon and its CompoundsFood Production and Management
Source of EnergyFibers and PlasticsDiversity in Living Organisms
Plant and Animal Nutrition & Human Body
Cellular Level of Organization
Some Common Diseases & Our Environment

Mathematics syllabus for NTSE

Arithmetic ProgressionsNumber Systems
PolynomialsReal Numbers
Quadratic EquationsRational Numbers
Square Roots and Cube RootsDirect and Inverse Variation
Surface Areas and VolumesTrigonometry
CirclesSimple and Compound Interest
Coordinate GeometryLinear Equations in Two Variables
Introduction to Euclid’s GeometryStatistics and Probability


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