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Students who want to compete at the national and international levels should enroll in Math Olympiad Class 4. Previous exam questions from the class 4 Math Olympiad will aid students in honing and improving their problem-solving abilities. Students may feel confident in their ability to respond to several questions in this class 4 mathematics Olympiad. These class 4 IMO questions are MCQ-based and ask students to use both logical and mathematical reasoning. It is acceptable to practice various question types that might not be included in school textbooks. Even administering these Olympiad tests encourages self-learning and motivates students to perform better on their schoolwork. IMO Class 4 Chapter 1 Number System

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IMO Class 4 Chapter 1: Number System Detailed Notes

Math in grade 4 focuses on six-digit numbers.

Learn about expanded forms, comparing two numbers, ascending order, descending order, the Indian Number System, and the International Number System here. You will also learn about the place value of 6-Digit numbers.

Place Value of 6-digit numbers

NumberLakhTen ThousandThousandsHundredsTensOnes

Additional Six-Digit Number Formats

Write 654213 in expanded form, for instance.

The expanded form of 654213 is: 600000 + 50000 + 4000 + 200 + 10 + 3

Contrasting Two Numbers

Following are the guidelines for comparing two six-digit numbers:

Rule 1: A number with more digits is larger than one with fewer digits.

Rule 2: When two numbers have the same digits, we compare their left-most digits.

Numbers with more digits should be regarded as larger numbers. We compare the following digits to the right if the two numbers’ leftmost digits match. This process continues until we can determine which number is greater by adding a larger digit.

Which number, for instance, is larger? 665785 and 676865

Answer: 676865 exceeds 665785 because ‘7’ in the thousandth place for 676865 is higher than ‘6’ in the thousandth place for 665785.

Ascending Order

Writing a given group of numbers in ascending order means doing so. Let’s look at an illustration.

Example: Arrange the below-given numbers in ascending order.

506780, 500789, 506098, 567893

Solution:500789, 506098, 506780, 567893

Decreasing Order

A given set of numbers is written in descending order when this term is used. Let’s look at an illustration.

Example: Arrange the below-given numbers in descending order.

156798, 156780, 155634, 165020

Solution:165020, 156798, 156780, 155634

Advantages of IMO class 4

  • Students gain knowledge of the leading exam questions.
  • The Sample Paper provides a preview of the leading exam sections.
  • It provides a general idea of the questions that are asked in each section.
  • Students learn what to anticipate from the question bank and its difficulty level.
  • Students can download these class 4 Math Olympiad sample papers in PDF format and use them to practice for the International Mathematical Olympiad.

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