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The International Science Olympiad (ISO) exam is a global Olympiad competition in which students from various schools around the world can compete. It provides a platform for aspiring talent to put their skills to the test. the school Connect Online holds the Science Olympiad, which is one of the best and most proficient Olympiads for developing aspiring talent. the school Connect Online exam team is made up of professionals from various science fields who understand the exact needs of students. The questions on the test are based on applied science. It improves students’ existing knowledge of various topics in physics, chemistry, and biology. 

Syllabus for the Science Olympiad

The syllabus for the Olympiad exams is based on the existing school curriculum. These are competitive exams that serve as extra preparation for all participants. These exams assist students in preparing for upcoming school tests. When students take the Indian Talent Olympiad exams, concepts become much easier to grasp. The International Science Olympiad (ISO) is open to students in grades one through ten. It teaches scientific concepts in the most practical way possible. Students in class 1 are introduced to basic science topics such as plants, animals, good habits, the earth, sky, transportation, and so on.

The syllabus progresses gradually and steadily to the next level. The content and complexity of topics gradually increase as children progress through the grades. Teachers believe that enrolling students in Olympiads at a young age helps them develop a strong command of various topics. It capitalizes on their ability to outperform their peers in school exams. All of this is due to the additional knowledge provided by the Olympiads. The International Science Olympiad class syllabus is available below. Please click on the appropriate class to learn more about it.

Science Olympiad Questions Class 1

Good Habits and Safety Rules Notes

Habits are the daily behaviours that each person develops over time. A healthy and happy life requires good habits.

Good habits that one should do

  • To keep their teeth healthy, children should brush them twice a day.
  • They should keep their nails trimmed and their fingers clean.
  • You should bathe every day and keep yourself tidy and clean.
  • Make it a habit to go to bed and wake up early every day.

Avoidable habits for children

  • Do not spend too much time watching television or using mobile phones.
  • Avoid biting your nails.
  • Keep anything out of your ears.
  • Do not rub your eyes with dirty hands.

Safety habits are essential for keeping children safe from harm.

Some road safety rules we should follow:

  • Cross the street only at a zebra crossing.
  • Before crossing, always look to your right and left. Its purpose is to ensure that no vehicle is approaching.
  • Follow the traffic signals.
  • Never take your hands or your head out of a moving bus.
  • Playing on the road should be avoided.
  • Only get off the bus when it has stopped moving.

Some safety precautions we should take at home:

  • Playing with sharp objects should be avoided.
  • Playing with fire should be avoided.
  • If your hands are wet, avoid touching electrical wires.
  • Leaning over the balcony railing is not recommended.

School Connect Online offers olympiads such as:

1.National Science Olympiad (NSO)

2. International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO)

3. Coding Olympiad 

4.Artificial Intelligence Olympiad.

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