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Olympiad examinations are stepping stones in a student’s career life, and Olympiad Success has been assisting students in bringing out the best in them for the last couple of years by providing an excellent online preparation platform for Olympiad preparation. The Olympiad allows them to assess their academic progress by allowing them to compete against students from all over the country. Students who compete in the Olympiad are ranked based on their performance. Based on these grades, students can assess themselves at the school, city, zonal, and international levels.

After many success stories, school connect online, India’s Largest Online Preparation Platform for Olympiad Exams, has begun Live Online Olympiad Coaching as well. This article is all about Science Chapter 6 For Class 2: Good Habits and Safety Rules.

Science Chapter 6 For Class 2: Good Habits and Safety Rules notes

Good habits and safety rules are some of the fundamental things that every child should learn as a child because they will help you in your daily life. Good habits will make you a good person, and safety rules will keep you safe. Continue reading to learn more about safety precautions and good habits.

What are good habits?

Good habits turn you into a nice person. Everyone admires the children who have good habits.

The following are some good habits that every class two student should develop:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day.
  • Keep your classroom and home clean at all times.
  • Only put garbage in the garbage can.
  • Always honour your elders and accept their blessings.

Safety rules

Safety rules are one of those basic rules that every class 2 student should learn because they will protect you while driving and even at home.

The following are some basic safety rules that everyone should follow:

  • Household security
  • Never experiment with live electrical wires.
  • Without the presence of elders, do not use blades, matchsticks, or scissors.
  • Road Safety Always walks on the sidewalk whenever you go shopping.
  • Never walk on the right side of the road and never play on the road.
  • Car or bus safety
  • When travelling by car or bus, never lean out the window.
  • Always wear your seatbelt when driving.

Science Olympiad Class 2

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